Monday, August 27, 2012

The World is Going Crazy...What's Going On?

Jacksprat from Godlike Productions says:
How can you be in denial of the facts?

Record Tornadoes
Record drought
Record volcanoes As many in one year now, as what use to be a decades total.
Record earthquakes
Record crop devastation
Tides are rising, and the moons orbit is off.
solar flares
pipelines all across the country ruptured
Meteor showers increasing.
Magnetic poles are shifting faster and faster
The Solar activity of the sun has changed dramatically
Cosmic ray intensity has increased dramatically
Bees are disappearing, and they navigate using a solar compass
Mass fish die offs
Mass bird deaths.
New fault lines awakened in Virginia, & Nevada to name a few.
Giant sink holes opening up all around the world.
The surface of the earth actually creating giant rips in the earths crust on the surface for all to see.
New geysers seen venting in California.
What sounds like horns blowing recorded in florida, Russia, etc.
The smells of sulfur or fuel being reported in many areas of the world, the latest reports in California.
Disturbances in our solar system with storms on Jupiter increasing, Saturn being altered.

What's the Governments of the world doing?

Storing massive amounts of Meals read to eat
Sucking up massive amounts of medication, and pharmaceuticals
Digging under ground bunkers around the world at a world record setting pace
Trillions of dollars dissappearing both from the pentagon, and the from the Federal Reserve.
Governments practicing detainment techniques.
CIA has relocated it's headquarters to Denver
Denver world airport has been turned into a giant subterranean facility.
Denver has the biggest underground water treatment and purification center.
EPA starts closing down it's library network.
GLobal Seed Bank built
Bush buys 98,000 acres in paraguay Father already owns 200,000
Hr5122 bypasses the forbidence of US troops operating on US soil
In 2001 264 dams needed repair, in 2009 over 1,200 damns across america are in need of repair, and the elites are no longer worried about infrastructure.
South Pole Telescope built with infrared capability
NSPD-51 Gives power to the president to take over complete and total rule
July 2007 Vatican closes library that has been opened for over 500 years.
Dutch are preparing for catastrophe, and apocalypse.
2008 3rd infantry's deployed 6,000 us troops on US soil
2011 Space rocks and asteroids are now classified top secret
Climategate was used as an explanation of what is happening to the earth, as the changes became more magnetic in nature, it was switched from global warming to climate change.
Yellowstone National Park has been having thousands of earthquakes.
Chemtrails have been blanketing the earth containing barium, Barium is used for radiation shielding.
Constant media blitz in order to keep the people occupied with one big story after another.
Increasing number of shows are now about survival.
Media black outs on comet information. Anyone remember the Media hype about Haley's comet
Google has blocked out a large area in space next to the constellation of Orion.
Fema Camps built
Mass coffin storage in Georgia.
The propping up of the stock market, at any cost, and any expense, even if it is open fraud!

And the latest suspension of the constitution, executive orders, NDAA, millions of hollow points, etc. etc.

and Sean on MrCometWatch says:

There are some things that lead me to believe there is something extraordinary going on ‘out there’; Jupiter loses a ring in June 2010, when PX would have been close. May 2011, when PX would have been near, Saturn has a an astonishing super storm greater than those of the past. October 2011, with PX supposedly nearby, Uranus has a massive explosion, scientists baffled by its intensity. All the planets are heating up not just ours (and there is no other industrialization/deforestation going on with other planets that I know of anyway). Plates are shifting, jet stream has slowed, weather is bazaar, it all makes one wonder....and... I think we’re all wise enough to know that our solar system does not provide a blueprint for the entire galaxy, and the possibility of a binary twin sun on an elliptical orbit around us is far from implausible. So why am I still skeptical? DeepUndergroundMilitaryBunkers, millions of dehydrated rations and multi-person coffins being purchased by TPTB, along with hollow point bullets and drones? New FEMA camps cropping up (for what?), cover-ups of weather and earth change information. HAARPs weather manipulation. In the midst of all this why am I still cynical is an embarrassing question. Something is happening, no doubt, but what exactly?

Finally, Anonymous from MrCometWatch sums it up nicely:
all the federal agencies serve as a clearinghouse for billions of dollars every year, especially the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, and the Armed Services. The citizens are billed for all these "services" while the game players stuff their bank accounts with (non-existant) computer-generated dollars in digitized format. It's a super fun game if you know how to play it multi-dimensionally: You manipulate the stock market using insider trading, weather wars, false media reports, etc., you manipulate the banking industry by getting government "contracts" and government "loans", you use the military to drug and program teenage kids so they steal oil and antiques, tons of drugs and other stuff from the poor nations, (they'll slaughter millions of people to do it because they believe it's all for freedom and democracy, things like that), you use scalar weapons to manipulate the weather to destroy homes and businesses so the people have to get more loans from the government which means those who control the government ultimately own everything, and meanwhile you're drugging the people with fluoride, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, "energy drinks", chemically altered nicotine, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping pills, pain killers like oxycoton and oxycodon, which is synthetic heroin, while you also get rich selling real heroine, cocaine, meth, marijuana, and lots of colorful pills. Meanwhile you can live in your mansions, fly around in your private jets and sail around in your luxury yachts, using your money to control religious leaders (who will totally sell out for money) and that way you get the useless eaters to blame each other for their poverty. People are so stupid. They fall for it every time. sorry mrc but he asked. I don't know why I feel so compelled to tell the truth. I feel compelled to refrain from posting it under my real name too.

What kind of demons are running this pathetic, fucked up saga?

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