Monday, August 27, 2012

Nibiru Astrophysicists Report from May 2011 Confirms Nibiru System

I posted a link to a pdf scientific analysis about the Nibiru system.  At the time, I had no information as to who the authors were.  It appears that they were astrophysicists who had worked at the Hubble Telescope and had seen and studied for themselves - the Nibiru system in May of 2011.  The following gives information as to the report's authors:

“This report was written by someone who is part of the ASTROLPATRIOT research team, either ASTROLPATRIOT himself or he wrote it along with the other astrophysicists he works with. There are several references to Dr Glenn (Cru4T), and on PAGE 18 of the report it says that the “comparison’s were done by Dr. Glenn’s son, Ghaffar, using Starry Night.”
Dr. Glenn (Cru4T), was working with AstrolPatriot and on May 28th – May 30th, Dr. Glenn looked beyond Comet Elenin to the portion of the sky where AstrolPatriot told him to look. This was supposed to be the most convenient time to view Nibiru and its seven orbitals due to the position of the Earth relative to Comet Elenin and the other objects in the distance.
Dr. Glenn (Cru4T) described what he saw on back on 6/22. Dr. Glenn said, on air, that he saw Elenin off to the left, and then when they looked beyond it, they saw the incoming mini-solar system….He and AstrolPatriot both saw the same thing…they saw a large object that was bending light from Regulus around it. And they saw 7 orbitals around it…they saw a total of 4 white-colored oribitals, 2 blue-colored orbitals, and a red-colored orbital that was doing an odd Figure-8 sort of orbit.
Recently, Dr. Glenn got spooked and separated himself from Terral03 and the Ozarks Survival Group, probably to protect his family but also because he realized that he didn’t want thousands of strangers showing up at his property in Missouri asking him to go to the caves with them.
But I can confirm that the reference to “Dr. Glenn’s son” confirms that the person who wrote this report is either ASTROLPATRIOT himself or the astrophysicists who work with ASTROLPATRIOT, they probably wrote the report together.
Their findings are based on what they all saw and documented over a 3 day period from May 28th-30th when they viewed Nibiru and its seven orbitals.
The report itself is without question FACT. It’s based on the work that AstrolPatriot and Dr. Glenn and the astrophysicists they work did together. Dr. Glenn confirmed this on air on RevolutionRadio on 6/22….they saw Elenin to the left, then they looked beyond Elenin and they saw the Large object (a.k.a. Nibiru) that was bending light from Regulus around itself…and they saw the seven orbitals…one red-colored orbital doing a figure 8 orbit, and a total of 4 white colored-orbitals, and 2 blue-colored orbitals.
The references to Dr. Glenn’s son Ghaffar on page 18 of this report are proof that the person that wrote this report is either ASTROLPATRIOT himself or the astrophysicists working with Dr. Glenn and ASTROLPATRIOT, or both. They worked together on this research and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the best information out there about Planet X. They weren’t hallucinating. They looked at this mini-solar system for 3 straight nights, from May 28th-May 30th, and documented All of the objects. They found what NASA has been watching all these years.”

Here's a link to the report:

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