Fukushima...the Potential Extinction Level Event Unfolds

Journey with me to find the answers to what happened...

how much radiation we have been exposed to...

how to protect ourselves...

and where we go from here.

Dr. Helen Caldicott, Montreal, explains matter-of-factly that we have all been exposed to deadly amounts of Plus Iodine-129, Plus Strontium, Plus Caesium, Plus Tritium...and many more types of radioactive substances, all of which cause cancer.  Excellent video.  She's moving to South America...but will she be safe anywhere on the planet?  Now we know why Obama is telling women to take contraceptives and to not have babies.

More Fasciated Dandelions in Nagano

Congressman to FDA: Unknown how radioactive fallout in US affected marine environment — Wants ‘a listing of all instances of species found to have elevated levels’



Dial M for Murder...

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  1. A commenter from ENE News:

    99% of mothers… women .. children.. men.. our loved ones and friends… still need to know and be told … all visiting ENE please share the current and on going dangers of Fukushima, the jet stream and protocols with them TODAY

    Women, children and nuclear radiation exposure

    Representatives local, state and fed ..and their families..NOT to be spared