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Obama, Bastard, Remains Usurper Even if Mama Not Married to Sperm Donor

Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution requires that BOTH parents be U.S. citizens at the moment of one's birth...MUST be, not "shall" be... this is be eligible to be placed on a ballot as a POTUS candidate and to hold the office of POTUS.  The truth

So desperate and so corrupt is the Democratic National Committee, Nancy Pelosi, then-Chair, and the progs - that they had a corrupt, ridiculous, illegal, and fraudulent "legal opinion" drafted after the election in 2008 to be sent to all politicians and state attorneys general...because the public might, just might, know the truth and demand an answer as to why you were ever placed on the DNC ballot. 

But Leo Donofrio, legal eagle, BUSTED YOUR BALLS... and outed this piece of garbage for what it is... - engaging the best legal minds in our country in a discourse and examining legal cases, precedents, landmark cases...and picking apart the so-called "legal opinion," of your experts...which an eighth-grade debate student could pathetic is the CRS opine.

Leo Donofrio went on to write an amicus brief that BUSTED YOUR BALLS AND OUTED YOU FOR THE USURPING FRAUD THAT YOU ARE...a sham...a liar...a poseur...

Barry, your legal father at the moment of your birth is the black Kenyan...that is what you claim, which renders you ineligible as a dual citizen.  You are very well aware of this fact.

In the event you are blowing smoke up Congress's asses by telling them that he isn't your father, that your mother was a whore and you don't know who your father is...guess what?  You STILL don't meet the requirements under the Constitution which require that you prove that BOTH parents were U.S. citizens. 

The First Bastard?

You put the fraudulent birth certificate on the White House web site...and shoved it in our faces plastering it on your mugs that you hawk...

See...if you lie, will get caught...and you've been caught.

And you will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be the legal President of the United States of America.

No one can ever grandfather your ass, pass a resolution, amend the constitution - to give you grandfathered can NEVER happen.

You got that?

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Break the United States into manageable parts after shoving Americans' noses into utter destitution, allowing millions of Mexicans to invade, inciting chaos, class warfare, and forcing a war using mercenaries against its citizens - that is Obama's plan for this country. 

This is what Thomas Chittum has predicted in both the summary below and in the book he has written - free and available by pdf - Civil War 2:

Date: Monday, 13 October 2008, 9:32 p.m. Mega Depression First, Then Mega Civil War in the Glorious Empire

I am Thomas W. Chittum, the author of the book, Civil War Two – The Coming Breakup of America.

My book asserted that because America is a multiethnic empire it will experience a violent shattering along tribal lines just as other such empires have throughout history. I further predicted that this implosion will occur relatively soon, probably no later than the year 2020, based on ongoing demographic trends. My book was published in 1993 and it ignited a mini firestorm of controversy. To date, it is still the ONLY non-fiction book on the topic of a civil war here in America.

Did anyone write a book predicting our first civil war? I did some research on that subject and I was unable to find a single book warning Americans that they were fast approaching an abyss. That’s not to say that people were unaware of the approaching war. In fact, many people were perfectly aware that a civil war was inevitable. My guess is that not a single person wrote a book on the coming war because they thought it would be a sort of picnic with a little gunfire mixed in, and in any case it would be over in a few months. As history records the war ground the entire southern half of America into a smoking wasteland and killed or crippled almost an entire generation of American men.

Today, people are even less aware of the seriousness of the approaching calamity than our ancestors were. If you mention the possibility of a Yugoslav-style ethnic war here in America in our lifetime most people will scoff at the idea. Five years ago most people would have likewise scoffed at the prospect of a second depression. Now, most people are waking up to the horrid fact that a second depression is upon us – that their retirement cookie jars have been systematically looted.

I’m sure that most visitors to the Rumor Mill News site are perfectly aware that a devastating depression is unfolding and that the economy is in a crash and burn mode with no plausible salvation in site. In this and following rants I will attempt to make the case that this economic meltdown will hasten our descent into an internal civil war that will depopulate the entire North American continent, wiping out 50% or more of the population.

No, I’m not kidding. I’m going to say that again – most of you people reading these words right now are going to starve to death in the tribal wars that will follow close on the heels of the economic meltdown.

Before I go on I’d like to revisit my book and go over what I got right and what I got wrong. I mentioned the New World Order in my book. At the time I wasn’t aware that the New World Order was an active conspiracy of bankers and aristocrats centered in London. I thought it was a sort of lose alliance of giddy globalists, trendy tree huggers and politically correct airheads. Then along came both the internet and the 911 terrorists attacks. I took me approximately three months to wise up to the fact that 911 was an inside job. I’d always followed military events closely and that’s how I woke up to the 911 scam. For years the American military had been encircling Afghanistan with military bases and pre-positioned stockpiles of military goodies. Then along came Osama bin Subcontractor like some boogie man in a bad movie. It all seemed like a low-budget Hollywood production. That’s because it was.

So … I got on the internet and started listening to commentators like Eustace Mullins, John Coleman, Henry Makow, Charles Savoie and anybody else who didn’t depend on the establishment for their supper.

Even before 911 I knew from personal experience that nothing in this rotting empire was as it was spray painted by the establishment media. After my book was published I got my 15 minutes of fame. I was on Television. I was a guest on numerous radio shows. I was a guest speaker at a lot of political meetings. I met a lot leaders of (mostly) right-wing type extremist groups. I remember telling one rightist-type leader that my presence as a speaker at their meeting did not mean that I was endorsing his organization or its stated goals. I told him I’d gladly speak to a “roomful of Rabbis” if they would invite me.

I made it plain to everybody that I was pretty much a one-trick pony. My self-assigned task was simply explaining to people why we were headed for a Yugoslav-style civil war and in our lifetime. I wanted to explain this to every living American, and I didn’t care two cents what their own political beliefs were. I made no apologizes then for speaking to right-wing extremists and I make no apologies now. After a while I began to realize that something really strange was going on inside the so-called extremist right-wing groups.

At every meeting there were always one or two dudes who just didn’t fit in. My favorite was a investment banker and Yale graduate. What, I wondered, was a blue-blood Yale investment banker doing mixing it up with all these guys who drove pickup trucks draped with confederate flags. Mind you, I wasn’t totally naive. I knew that the FBI and/or the CIA routinely sent guys to monitor these groups. Frankly, I didn’t give a damn. As far as I was concerned the more people that listened to me the more I liked it. Nazis, rabbis, government spooks, good-ole-boys in pickup trucks – I didn’t care – the more the merrier because my warning was for everybody.

Ultimately, it dawned on me that these obvious government spooks weren’t there to spy on these groups – these government spooks were there because THESE GOVERNMENT SPOOKS WERE ACTUALLY RUNNING THESE RIGHTIST GROUPS. Most of these right-wing groups were conceived, planned, created and then run by government spooks. It’s all part of what I call peasant management.

The powers that be know full well that their policies will always generate opposition both leftist and rightist … so … they create and subsidize false flag opposition movements that they can lead around in eternal circles thus creating no real problems for the establishment. And don’t forget that it’s the same exact scam with the phony baloney leftist groups. They are mostly establishment creations. In fact, it’s a double payoff for the establishment. They create false flag rightist groups to stampede leftists into the ranks of their false flag leftist groups, and they create the false flag leftist groups to stampede rightists into their false flag rightist groups.

Our Current Mess

Here are my guesses about the future:
The New World Order is in a hell of a jam. Both Russia and China have how shaken off communism which was imposed on them by the London Banking Cartel. Both have turned to state-directed development and growth policies and are striving to feed their people and increase their standard of living. This is the exact opposite of the global depopulation and genocide via starvation and war that the New World Order is imposing on the rest of the globe via the Club of Rome and their other psychotic think tanks and NGOs. Russia and China and some neighboring states have formed a double whammy military and economic bloc called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
The London Banking Cartel cannot let this situation continue or it’s just a matter of time until the Russian/China economic bloc takes their place. Furthermore, it has long been the military doctrine of the London Banking Cartel that the Eurasian landmass is the key to the military control of the globe. See Halford Mackinder. From the perspective of the London Banking Cartel it’s all or nothing and here and now. The clock is ticking against the London Banking Cartel and the only solution to fulfilling both their military and economic blueprints is pedal to the metal all-out war.

It isn’t like the good old days when a handful of Zionist assassins in communist clothing could overthrow a decadent Russian government, and the tiny British fleet and army can no longer kick a decadent Chinese oligarchy around and impose imported communism. Nothing but all-out war will suffice, and that means nuke warfare.

The only card the London Banking Cartel has to play is the American nuclear arsenal. They have to get America into a nuclear shootout with both Russia and China, and the sooner the better. Now I know what some of you are thinking: But golly, don’t these guys realize that a nuclear war will leave the planet a radioactive wasteland? Now hear this: The nutcase LBC boys perceive nuclear warfare as winnable and survivable. In any case that’s the ONLY card they have left to play. It didn’t get much play in the national media, but VP Cheney has been digging his personal nuke bunker in DC deeper and deeper like a beaver on go pills. He’s getting ready for it … and so should you.
The LBC has to sell global war to the American airheads, hence the 911 terrorist attacks. Dictatorships cannot stampede the people into giving up their property and their liberty without conjuring up both foreign AND DOMESTIC ENEMIES. That’s why a civil war is in the offing. A civil war in America is not only possible – IT IS ESSENTIAL. It’s all part of the plan. Flood the Southwest with millions of Mexicans and then trash the economy so the starving and ticked off Mexicans will burn an entire geographic region right down to the ground. This should be sufficient to stampede the rest of the peasants into accepting anything the LBC pukes up and presents as a solution to the resulting mess.

To understand their logic we’ll have to take a quickie refresher course in the history of Western war. Napoleon resurrected the concept of the citizen soldier that had been doormat since the Roman Republic. He was thus able to raise massive armies of peasants who perceived themselves as citizen soldiers. Deluded as they were they nevertheless simply swept aside smaller armies of professional soldiers. The ONLY military reply his opponents could make was to raise massive armies of their own so-called citizen soldiers.

Under the new military system large populations were an absolute military necessity. The increasing mechanization of warfare didn’t change the situation at all. Massive peasant armies were still required because hordes of deluded peasants were still needed to drive the trucks and armored vehicles that delivered themselves to the slaughterhouse. There existed a rough balance between the quantity of military supplies an industrial society could churn out and the quantity of “citizen soldiers” needed to transport and then use the supplies at the front. Massive quantities of peasants were necessary for both production and subsequent usage at the front.

The pendulum didn’t begin to swing back the other way until the arrival of nukes on the scene. Massive peasant armies were no longer a necessity due to the extreme energy density of nukes. The industrial infrastructure necessary to generate a really impressive nuke arsenal was far greater than the relatively small number of professional soldiers (read airforce) necessary to deliver them.
When peasants became useless for war the bulk of them became useless. Before nukes the rule was the more peasants the better. After nukes only a smaller number of peasants were needed to produce goodies for the idle aristocrats.

Today, massive peasant armies are obsolete and are maintained chiefly on a reduced scale for theatrical purposes. They are there for peasant perception control purposes exactly as are the false flag leftist and rightist mock opposition groups I mentioned earlier. Ordinary infantry such as our current army and marine divisions are obsolete. Ordinary infantry are useful only for fighting other likewise obsolete infantry, and for suppressing uprisings of lightly armed domestic peasants … and for pure theatre.

Now that you understand this point I can get back to America via a short detour through the Middle East. The primary objective of our current insane activities in Asia is the conquest of the Asian heartland. A secondary but also necessary objective is the total destruction of our current and obsolete military machine to transform it into one more useful to insure the destruction and dismantling of the American Republic. Russia and China have both slipped the grasp of the London Banking Cartel and they dare not risk America going the same route, hence their stealth plot to carve up America like pizza into manageable mini-states.

The destruction of the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan will pave the way for its replacement by privatized military contractors formerly known as warlords. Citizen soldiers might balk at massive ethnic cleansing operations in California for example, but warlords won’t. Picture armies of Blackwater mercs composed of mostly non-Americans recruited from all points of the globe. They will gladly slaughter everything in their path including any remaining American military units who might oppose them. The LBC must first ignite a civil war in America and then ultimately ensure the that the secessionist win after their hired warlords and mercenary hordes have stomped the new mini states into malleable mush which may or may not be glued together in some sort of North American Confederation with “Ameros” for money and some multi-colored rag for a flag.
I basically think it will work. I think the coming tribal/civil war in America will be roughly proportional to the severity of the economic collapse that sets it off. Meanwhile, while you are waiting for Osama bin Subcontractor to nuke us and waiting for your starving neighbors to batter your door down, keep an eye on California. It’s the canary in the coal mine. When it croaks the rest of America will follow sooner or later.

Blogger's thoughts:  Obama has already graduated the first class of graduates for his "domestic military" and they are black, inner-city youth.  Obama will exploit the race of his new army to incite riots and provoke civil war.

Check out What So Proudly We Hailed by James Howard

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Nibiru and Two Planets November 14, 2012

The Nibiru System Makes Its Presence Known...

or The Powers That Be Allow It To Be Seen

What Americans Are Facing in the Coming Takeover Reveal

In the next few months, we can expect:
a collapsing stock market
overburdened & collapsing food stamp program
closing of many colleges
ban on all gun sales & confiscation of  
massive business bankruptcies
massive increase in IRS agents
increasing arrests of Christians
massive government programs to benefit muslims
massive new immigration favoring muslim nations
increase in laws favoring islam 
integration of US, Canada, & Mexico
massive new trade legislation
re-organization of the Supreme Court
re-organization of the electoral voting system
loss of national sovereignty
re-writing the Bill of Rights, or elimination thereof 
re-alignment (aka destruction of) the Constitution
national I.D. card with chip
followed by forced RFID chip under skin
rising oil prices
attack on Christian celebration of Christmas 
massive government expansion
choking taxes
massive new re-cycle laws and implementation of same
re-alignment of banking system
re-alignment of the Fed Reserve
re-alignment of FEMA
re-vamping of public school system and education
shocking, rapid rise of unemployment rates
national, permanent curfew 
increasing political scandals
increasing blame game
increasing finger pointing
increasing civil unrest
devaluing of our currency, then 
replacing of our currency 
multiple states declaring bankruptcy
multiple state bail-outs
diminishing of State rights
more States rebelling (e.g. Texas!)
States threatening to secede
Increasing conflagrations worldwide
attacks (revenge) on conservatives
attacks (revenge) against FOX News
attacks (revenge) against Christians
attacks (revenge) on Christian Churches
more frequent & severe earthquakes
government intrusion into (aka takeover) of all news media
stranger hurricane activity
unusual polar storms
bizarre solar storms
 bizarre tornado outbreaks
freaky flooding
attacks on power plants, dams, water supplies,
attacks on trucking and transportation industry
increasing drug legality
increasing drug trafficking
increasing gang warfare
withdrawal of social security benefits
withdrawal of medicare benefits
withdrawal of medicaid benefits
increased violent criminal release (early) from prisons
increased imprisonment of Christians
increased laxity for porn and entertainment violence
legalization and push for euthanasia
rationing of ALL health care and treatment
new "point system" to qualify for health care
new, more virulent plagues
unexplained stellar & lunar events
emboldened radical islamic events
close (too close for comfort) grazes from meteors, etc. 
increased paranormal activity
increased rise in cults and cultic activity 
increased UFO activity
increased demonic (zombie) events 
pushing through the "hate crimes" laws
loss of freedom of speech
censoring of the internet
forced re-locations of civilians
increased rise in new strains of old diseases
increased rise in new strains of new diseases
increasing mandatory "brown-outs" to conserve energy
new restrictions on interstate travel
forced youth participation in civilian law modules (AKA civilian army)
orced re-location of medical personnel
loss of private property ownership
forced rental payments on homes you already own (disguised as a "TAX" of course!)
rapidly increasing crime rate
increased, inexplicable animal deaths
crushing inflation
Loss of tax exempt status for Christian Churches
massive business closures & relocations overseas
total bankruptcy of the coal business
total ban on ALL oil drilling within the U.S.
ban on private gardens (for YOUR own health, of course!)
spy cameras on every block (for YOUR own safety, of course!)
loss of national sovereignty
re-writing the Bill of Rights, or elimination thereof 
re-alignment (aka destruction of) the Constitution
national I.D. card with chip
followed by forced RFID chip under skin

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Radiant RFID will provide the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) with an RFID-based managed evacuation solution that tracks evacuees, pets, emergency transport vehicles and commodities deployed at state shelters in preparation for and in the event of a hurricane, natural disaster or other incident to assist in reunification of families.
Austin, Texas (PRWEB) October 18, 2012
Radiant RFID ("Radiant") announced today that the State of New Jersey has awarded the company a five-year contract to assist evacuation and emergency tracking during catastrophic events.
Radiant will provide the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) with a managed evacuation solution that tracks evacuees, pets, emergency transport vehicles and commodities deployed at state shelters in preparation for and in the event of a hurricane, natural disaster or other man-made incident to assist in reunification of families. In addition, Radiant will manage hardware components, deployment processes and training as well as all maintenance and management functions in support of the State of New Jersey.
Utilizing the latest in passive RFID technology, Radiant's Emergency Management Solution is the only RFID-based solution designed to assist emergency management teams with large-scale evacuations by making the continuous movement of people, pets and assets easy to track without repeatedly stopping people to take their names or scan bar codes. The seamless tracking helps eliminate lines, reduce redundancy and keep families together in times of emergency.
Along with the 8.8 million residents of New Jersey, Radiant RFID's solution covers the State of Texas, State of South Carolina, and City of Boston -- approximately 18 percent of the United States population.
About Radiant RFID
Radiant RFID provides complete RFID technology solutions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Radiant's customers include corporations, educational institutions and government agencies. Radiant's solutions are designed specifically for RFID asset tracking, event enhancement, and human accountability. For more information call (512) 351-4915 or visit Radiant's website at


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2012 Election Theft Precurses Islamo/Fascist FagBoy's Usurpation and Tyranny

Americans are well-aware of the Spanish company owned by statist and criminal George Soros, SCYTL, that electronically flipped millions of votes.

Even when you consider all of Barry's Aliens voting:

and that his mama was a popular girl, a traveler, a Communist:

Or that Daddy was a foreigner, a British national from Kenya, rendering FagBoy a usurper now and into infinity (sorry, Barry, but BOTH parents must be U.S. citizens to be a legal "natural born citizen," therefore, you FAIL the test and NO ONE and NOTHING can ever change that fact):

An anti-colonial statist, avowed Communist, and devoted Muslim.

Or that FagBoy was a doper and dealer:

A cute..he's holding hands with his live-in lover:

Who is a closet Muslim, lying to the American people about his ineligibility, his religion, his sexual preferences...basically about who he really is:

(Note to Muslim jihadists:  Obama is a known FAG, a QUEER, a HOMOSEXUAL...doesn't your religion DEMAND that you take immediate action?)

A lying freak who spent 20 years in Reverend Wright's church:

then lied to Americans...telling them he didn't know about Wright's Black Liberation theology...hadn't eard about Wright's anti-American, hate-whitey rants and of black's plans to destroy America.

But we read Stanley Kurtz's Radical-in-Chief, among others, and learned that Obama was not only reared to be an anti-American radical, but was trained by the KGB...and worked in the Middle East and a mercenary and terrorist.

Then married Wookie in a set-up sham ... studied Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals...learning the basics and applying them to VOTER FRAUD and exploiting fears of the poor:

A real winner...working with Bill Ayers in Chicago, stealing 500 million from the Annenburg Foundation with his Pentagon-bombing pal, Bill Ayers...siphoning off money meant for the poor students of inner-city Chicago:

The medical diagnosis of "narcissistic" applies to this bag of Commie bones, dontcha think?  He always looks like he's thinking about what he looks like. 

Newsflash:  Barry, you're an ugly puss.

But that didn't stop Barry's foray into politics in Chicago, crib to many fags, including his BFF Rahm Emmanuel...these fagboys hung out at "Man's Country," sharing ass, drugs, male prostitutes...MORE FAILURE was his modus, for he knows of no other:

Where Barry played....

with Larry Sinclair, prostitute:
Barry was mute when Larry spilled...

Then, lo and behold, after joining and actively participating in Reverend Wright's gay fix-up club, three of Barry's lovers mysteriously DIE...within 60 days of each other - and within 60 days of Barry announcing his presidential (Wha???LOL?  Barry, the fag, president?) run:

A disgusting, lying, expert in VOTER FRAUD...

Axelrodent, even then, pushed asshat, corrupt, dumpster-diving strategies to get the no-count and no-record Barry on the Senate ballot...where the FagBoy voted "Present" on nearly issue - except for voting AGAINST voting to SAVE the lives of babies born alive during abortions...

(Obama's special enemies...)

But he continued his quest in politics, living a miserable life with Wookie, hanging out with Rahm...meeting up with the "boys" for his fun...

As recently as 2007, Obama campaigned with Communists, murderers, and countryman Raila Odinga in Kenya...Odinga lost the election and then put his "boys" to work murdering, raping, and pillaging the populace...burning down a church where women and children were hiding, murdering them... until the government agreed to give him a "shared" arrangement for power.

"Barack Obama actively campaigned for and contributed cash to Kenya’s Democratic Socialist Orange Party candidate, Raila Odinga in 06-08. Odinga had an agreement with a radical Kenyan Islamic foundation, seeking Odinga’s support in exchange for support of Odinga’s candidacy. Obama knew this yet still raised over $1M of USA money supporting Odinga. This violates the Logan Act Obama should be in Jail."   Because Obama was a senator when he made this trip, his actions are illegal and actionable...even today. (everyone seems to know of a law that Barry has violated...yet the felon runs loose.)

Obama's Mommy and handler and de facto President of the U.S.A. is Valerie Jarrett, Muslim extraordinaire, who has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and directs Barry in giving the Bros over 400 million dollars in aid, along with weapons, including Surface-to-Air shoulder-mounted missiles.  Over 30,000 missiles have come up missing since Barry took office...somewhere in the Middle East. 

Word is that ValBat gives Barry teat at night, hands him his drugs during the day, wipes his ass, feeds him, and makes him do his homework...yet he admits that his math comprehension is 7th-grade level and he barks instead of reading ... his teleprompter.

Then the Chicago Communists joined together to push the FagBoy into the White House...presenting him as the "Messiah," and "Designer Negro" and "Wonder Boy."

His record:  A BAD ONE
His talents:  THIEVING
His redeeming qualities:  LIAR
Handlers best known skill:  VOTER FRAUD

Obama and his handlers know how to pave the way ... simply threaten them and murder those who are the murder of Hitlery's campaign chief in Arkansas...and then threatening the life of her daughter, Chelsea.  But then, the Clintons have an entire cemetery set aside for the murders that they have committed to secure their political fact, they have recently invested in a funeral home.  Less messy.

Two frauds...two murderers...caught in the act...lying to families...covering their murderous acts...filling their cemeteries...narcissistic horrors.

Questions will not go Barry refuses to provide proof of his eligibility...known as vetting.  To be qualified for POTUS, Barry must be born to two U.S. qualify as a "natural born citizen."  Oh wait!  Barry admitted that his father was a British national from Kenya.  NOT ELIGIBLE.

But he threw up a fake birth certificate on the White House web show us how much he despised us...and how stupid he believed that we were.  When we objected and proved his fraud...he then got the biased and corrupt mainstream media to actively participate in his fraud.

The birth certificate he presented to prove his eligibility for POTUS was proved to be FRAUDULENT...

...and upon further investigation, Sheriff Joe Arpaio determined that Barry and Wookie had used multiple social security numbers...which are felonious acts...

And his "selective service" registration card is FRAUDULENT as well...

By now, he's ordered the government to cover for him...word is - he threatens his enemies...and kills them...a la Breitbart.

Who is Barry?  Whassup, Barry?  Whatcha hiding?  Why?

Why is everything about you and every position you take a LIE????

Even your "legacy" - so-called health care (which is not about health care at all...but simply a taxation and control structure to enslave the American kill them by withholding and controlling all health decisions)...was not your idea.  Why did you criticize Hitlery in 2008, then, for FORCING people to have to buy health insurance?  You are a liar, Barry.  Pathological.

And women who voted their woman parts - don't sit too long, your brains may not be able to withstand the pressure...

and New Black Panther Party...good thing we didn't need to teach you a lesson, but we are ready to do so at a moment's notice...HEY - that's Barry with the NEW BLACK PANTHERS...what're you doing there in Selma, AL, with the travelers???

Barry...the closet Muslim...always making ritual sacrifices for his Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda:

Raped, mutilated, beaten, murdered...American ambassador...and three other Americans...

at Barry's request to WITHHOLD A MILITARY RESPONSE...only Barry could issue a Cross Border Authority and to order the rescue of our men...and HE DIDN'T...

But his Muslim pals never had a hair on their ragheads touched...

Barry's response?

Barry, the Murderer

Much of the story of FagBoy is untold here, but enough is given for many Americans to realize that they've been hoodwinked...exploited...deceived...defrauded...

BUT the story doesn't end here...but in the hundreds of reports pouring in about voter fraud...

"The issue is in the voting software.
Millions of lines of code, sub-routine upon sub-routine, encryption, and timed, automatic write-over of code, put the election numbers in their final reported state. This is untraceable and would take YEARS to uncover as there is too much to sift through and analyze."

“If representative stratified samples are taken of paper ballots, statistically it can be determined with precision accuracy what the final votes should have been based on those paper ballots. If the statistical estimates based on the representative stratified samples don’t match the electronic election results, then there is a problem with how the electronic results were tabulated. It could take a tremendously long time to try to find problems in software coding if the software program used to tabulate the votes is very large or sophisticated, but you don’t need to identify the software problem if representative stratified sampling shows that the electronic tabulation doesn’t match the statistical estimates. If representative stratified sampling shows that the electronic tabulation doesn’t match the statistical estimates, it evidences that the electronic tabulation is flawed.”

According to LameCherry:

 "So W. goes in with the Architect, Puffy Lips Rove, and they make all the charts the WHI is going over and they win one for Pap Bush over Al Gore, in a horrendously horrid election where a normal campaign adviser could have won over Gore by 20 points due to Clinton fatigue.

So not to trust to Karl's idiocy again, the Bush camp decided to employ that infamous black box voting which was quite black box, and if you recall in 2004, John Kerry's people had numbers which showed him trouncing Bush until the "numbers" came in...........Karl Rove's numbers.
Yes George W. Bush stole the 2004 election by Karl Rove.

That is why Norm Coleman and other GOP candidates were partly thrown under the bus when democrats cheated as the insider information was out, that Rove had rigged the electronic voting machines.

That is why there was the mad push in Europe for Scytl and SOE in America to be gained control of by the cartels who have been busy installing communists across the globe, including the lovely Puffy Cheeks Barack Hussein Obama.

Follow this now, as Karl Rove in being caught, initiated an agreement where his fraud would be hidden and Barack Obama's election theft would be hidden, all so it would come down to a 2016 election of Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush.
That is what this has been about and has only been reported here. It is the reality as each of these events begin to unfold. America has no free elections any longer, the 2016 elections prove everything posted here as correct."

This election was stolen the Chicago way. Until the GOP protects swing states from theft – we lose. They kept Dem cities polls open and they reported last. FL panhandle in Central zone reported before the Dem cities in eastern zone. They waited in all the key states to see how many votes they needed and created them. It happened in FL, VA and all the swing states.
The media helped them too. Calling states early. States wildly going back and forth when created voted popped up. I stopped watching TV a long time ago but Fox was helping them and all the nwtworks helped the one. We are not the minority and Romney did not lose. The GOP does not know how to stop the other side from stealing elections."


"Read this and WEEP:voter fraud:
Here is just one account of what happened in a Wisconsin polling place
We saw loads of voters being bused in from Chicago. They were blatant, and in your face, wearing BEARS shirts, pants, hats, one even had BEARS fingernails! They were FREELY openly talking about catching buses back to Chicago.
VAN loads of these people were followed from the polling place to drop off points in the same geographical area, by THREE different individuals, including Republican Legal representative, and TWO Official Project ORCA representatives/ poll observers . This area was in the 12th and 13 St. area between the 1300-1600 blocks. Many of the Van occupants were then seen entering two addresses there, according to first hand reports.
The ballot counting machine for wards 9 and 10 STOPPED WORKING, and had to be replaced 4 times throughout the day, requiring replacement each time. the first breakdown occurred at 9:00 a.m..
Wards 9 & 10 are comprised of a voter count of approximately 1,500 combined, and the highest voter turnout in past elections, according to long time poll workers there, has been in the 600 to 650 range. Yesterdays voter count was over 1160.
Never before in Sheboygan County history, have ballot counting machines malfunctioned 4 times in the same election, let alone done so in the same polling place!!
The counts were absurdly skewed! GOP legal counsel advised Passionate Pachyderm pole watchers to remain at the polling place with the ballots, until such time as they witnessed the ballots being turned over to the proper authorities at the close of the poll.
In wards with only 1500 people, there were more than 120 NEW voters registered, this too is unprecedented.
In district 4, ward 14, at the mead public library, a down town ward with few residents, is mostly business, and is just one block away from the city bus transfer station… Over 200 new voters were registered there. OVER 200!
According to WI numbers, people went into the polls, voted for Democrat Barack Obama, for president, then voted straight REPUBLICAN down the line in nearly every other race. This might be possible in one or two polling places, but is VERY unlikely statewide.
We have photos of these people in vehicles with plates from different states, photos of them leaving the polls, and the many other irregularities.
Individually, any one of these issues would be enough to set warning sirens blaring, but combine all of them together, and you get sirens, flashing red lights, and every other sort of emergency alert signal imaginable.
But Wait! There’s MORE! Oh yes, a LOT more.
The Democrats stationed a self described “BIG Chicago pro bono attorney” as one of their two observers at this small polling place. He remained at the polling place from 7:00 a.m. until well after 8:p.m. …..
A high priced CHICAGO attorney, sitting in a Sheboygan WISCONSIN polling place, observing wards comprised of 1500 voters? …. WHY???
Why would someone from Chicago be observing in Sheboygan Wisconsin? And WHY at such a small polling place?
Finally, isn’t it interesting that this would occur at the VERY polling place in which all of the above described events ALSO occurred? AGAIN WHY WOULD A CHICAGO ATTORNEY BE OBSERVING AN ELECTION POLLING PLACE WITH FEWER THAN 1500 VOTERS IN IT, IN SHEBOYGAN WISCONSIN? Of all the places where there has been suspected voting irregularities, and OUTRIGHT FRAUD throughout the ENTIRE United States, WHY HERE? WHY SHEBOYGAN? WHY THIS SMALL WARD?
This lawyer spent the day running in and out making, and taking calls, which coincidentally then coincided with influxes of groups of individuals by the van and bus loads, coming in to register, AND VOTE, using what appeared to be copied Allient energy bills.
These individuals often did not have photo I.D.’s, could not remember their own addresses without looking at the paper, and became easily tripped, confused and annoyed when questioned.
Many of these same individuals, just so happened to be dressed in/wearing CHICAGO BEARS apparel, and whom openly discussed “catching busses back to Chicago” with each other, with poll workers, via their cell phones in the lobby area just outside the polling place, as well as in the parking lot, both before and AFTER registering and voting.
One woman was dressed head to toe in CHICAGO BEARS apparel including perfectly manicured BEARS fake fingernails!
She complained because registering was taking too long and she had to hurry up to catch her bus back to Chicago.
We have photos of these people in vehicles with plates from different states, photos of them leaving the polls, and other irregularities.
Once the lawyer for our side started calling things out, and more officials for the Republicans began arriving and witnessing this stuff, suddenly the Chicago lawyer’s calls stopped, as did the number of new voter registrations, and taxi van loads of “BEAR FANS.” This was at approximately 6 p.m.
At that same time, other irregularities were occurring, and people were busily obtaining further proof of what was going on.
Pictures were taken of cars with out of state plates in the polling place parking lot, of the vans full of people, other incidents and irregularities observed and documented .
REMEMBER, this is only a PARTIAL LIST!!
This is what we are dealing with….
Who among you, (if anyone) will instead, throw up their hands, and say in disgust, “It’s over, just let it go, move on” ?
In the past, things similar to this have happened, but once the election is over, the problems are reported, but NOTHING happens. It’s swept under the rug, no one is arrested, nothing is pursued.
This is the response from local and state police, as well as local, state and federal elected officials. There ALWAYS seems to be “something” far more important in need of their attention.
It’s time to BRING ON THE THUNDER and expose this FRAUD election for what it was, especially in Wisconsin and Ohio, perhaps in Florida and Virginia as well.
Had Romney won Wisconsin and Ohio, let alone those states along with Florida, Colorado, and Virginia, would the stock market be taking a nose dive this morning?
Would business owners nationwide be issuing the pink slips, thousands will receive in the coming days, weeks, and months?
PP’s believes this election was not won, it was stolen.
THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL LIST of what happen here in 13 hours!!
This is what we are dealing with. THIS IS WHAT IT HAS COME DOWN TO!"

Barry, baby, we've known who you are all along...and we won't let you rest, FagBoy.

It will be nice to see you in your loincloth...loping across the plains in your homeland...where you belong.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Final Indictment of Barack Obama

Wayne Allyn Root                

Mitt Romney is a gentleman who gives millions to charity. A man of faith, he served as a pastor at his church. Mitt loves this country. Being a nice guy is a great thing in life, but a disadvantage in politics. So, I’m going to say what Mitt is too nice to say.

As we approach Election Day 2012, let me lay out the final "Indictment of Barack Obama." It’s too late to play nice, to not tell the raw, unvarnished truth. If we don’t tell the truth (and fast), we are going to lose America, capitalism, and our children’s future.

The truth is Obama is destroying the American dream. President Obama may be a good husband and father. He may think he is doing right. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Nice or not, Obama believes government has the answer to every problem. He believes in punishment of the successful (i.e. job creators). He believes in income redistribution. He believes in massive spending and debt. He believes in rules, regulations, and mandates – that government always knows best.  The truth is those beliefs don’t work. You don’t need to look far to prove these theories are disastrous. Europe has been following Obama’s plan - big government, big unions, big spending, big taxes, big entitlements, big pensions, "free" healthcare, too many government employees, and unlimited spending on green energy and high speed rail. The result? Economic disaster. Greece, Italy, and Spain are enduring a tragedy few can comprehend. France is next.  

America, under Obama, is following the same path. On Tuesday, before it’s too late, Obama needs to be indicted by the American people.  

Here’s the case. Judge for yourselves:

*As of Election Day, unemployment is 7.9%, the highest for any incumbent since FDR.
 More importantly, the REAL unemployment rate is in the range of 15%…Higher than in most years of the Great Depression.
 *Unemployment in the black community is 14.3%.
 *Unemployment and under-employment for college graduates is a staggering 53%.
 *The Labor Force participation rate for men is the lowest since 1948.
 *Under Obama food stamp growth is 75% greater than job growth, with a record 46 million Americans now on food stamps.
*An unfathomable 11 million Americans are on disability, a number larger than the population of a majority of states.
 *One sixth of all personal income in the USA comes in the form of a check from the government. *The housing collapse is deeper than the Great Depression.
*The net worth of the average American is down 40%. *New business startups are at the lowest level in 30 years.
 *The U.S. credit rating has been downgraded for first time in history.

The truth is we are experiencing unimaginable economic wreckage, crisis and collapse from coast to coast.  None of this is a coincidence.   With 60,000 new rules, regulations, and mandates Obama has turned the entire U.S. Economy into a hostile work environment, closely following Cloward and Piven’s plan to overwhelm the system with debt and entitlements, to purposely collapse the U.S. economy and destroy capitalism. Obama demonizes entrepreneurs and risk-takers. His EPA is putting the coal industry out of business. Thousands of new IRS agents have been hired to harass & intimidate business owners. Massive tax increases are looming including 23 new Obamacare taxes. Obama has added an unconscionable $6 trillion to the national debt. Federal debt and unfunded liabilities are now an inconceivable $115 trillion. Add to that the cities, counties and states that are broke and insolvent (the debt in Obama’s Cook County, Illinois is now an incredible $108 billion)…It’s clear only one thing is working in America...Obama's plan.

Mitt is too nice to say it, but I will. Good intentions, or not, Obama is ruining our country, declaring war on business owners, hooking Americans on government handouts, reducing the quality of our children’s future. This is a man making a mockery of the Constitution and everything our Founding Fathers believed in.

Obama didn’t “save” the auto industry. He stole $25 billion from you and me to protect union pensions, bribing them to give him millions in campaign contributions. Then Obama used the power of government to gain revenge on his opponents- allowing private sector autoworkers to lose their pensions and closing profitable auto dealerships owned by Republican contributors -- immoral, if not criminal.

It’s time to stop playing nice before we have no economy or country left to defend…before unions strangle the life out of the private sector…before taxpayers are sucked dry to pay for a food stamp and unemployment benefits economy…before “free” health care adds trillions in debt to our children’s burden…before Obama's extreme views on energy leave us dependent on nations that hate America and support terrorism...before Obama uses Executive Orders to render Congress and the Constitution meaningless… Before every terrorist attack is given a politically correct name…before more victims are blamed when Islamic radicals slaughter them over a cartoon, book, or film…before every child is taught to remove God from their daily lives…before every Bible is permanently removed from our military bases and hospitals…before all religious celebrations are permanently removed from our White House.

Mitt Romney is our last stand, our line in the sand. For capitalism. For small business. For our Judeo-Christian values. For our children and grandchildren’s future. For the survival of the American dream. And yes, for our guns and Bibles. Forgive, but never forget when you walk into that voting booth.   Remember that Osama bin Laden is dead…and so is a United States border agent who died in the Fast and Furious scandal…and so is our Ambassador and 3 brave young men abandoned and left to die at our Libyan embassy…and so is the U.S. economy.

Remember that as broke as America is, Obama is giving $450 million of your taxpayer money to the extremist, American-hating, Muslim Brotherhood leaders of Egypt. Remember Obama denigrates those that cling to old fashioned ideas- God, country, faith, family, capitalism, and our American exceptionalism. Remember Obama presided over a Democratic convention that booed God. Three times. Remember those images before you walk into that voting booth.

Now, let’s go out and reclaim our country.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Protest Votes for Paul/Johnson or No-Voters, Watch This

Bill Whittle says that Conservatives outnumber liberals two to one. If we don’t win this election, it is because of those who either don’t vote…or choose either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson – who have no chance of winning.

Military Generals (Ret.) Support Rommey


Sen. Vitter: Deport illegals who vote

Illegal aliens and noncitizens who vote in U.S. elections would be put on an accelerated path toward deportation under new legislation introduced by Republican Louisiana Sen. David Vitter.
While this is a “seemingly common sense proposition” there is currently no law on the books that would make voter fraud a deportable offense for foreign nationals, Vitter told the Daily Caller in an interview.
“While this may sound bizarre to a lot of folks in Washington D.C., illegal aliens and noncitizens have no constitutional right to vote in American elections,” he added in an emailed statement.  “And they certainly shouldn’t influence the outcomes.”

“My bill injects some of that common sense and puts teeth into voter laws so we can uphold the integrity of American elections. Of course we want immigrants to become voters once they become citizens, but our election system and our right to vote are being taken advantage of because of weak enforcement.”
Alleging that President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to enforce a key provision of federal law that directs state officials to purge dead and ineligible voters from their rolls, Vitter says he sees a strong potential for voter fraud to occur in states that could help decide both the presidential election, and control of the U.S Senate.
Under Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993, state social welfare agencies are required to offer potential voters registration forms while they seeking other government services. This part of the law is commonly known as “motor voter.”
Under Section 8 of the NVRA, state officials are required to maintain and update voter roles as a safeguard against fraudulent efforts. This means they must purge the rolls of dead voters and any ineligible voters who have moved.
But critics say Attorney General Eric Holder and the political appointees within President Obama’s DOJ have declined to enforce Section 8, which means that the names of ineligible voters will remain on the voter rolls in the upcoming election, Vitter noted.

Read more:

Obama's Reign has Been an October Surprise Every Day - List of Obama's Failures

By Zombie  11.2.2012

Where was the October Surprise?
Almost everyone anticipated this year’s “October Surprise” — some last-minute, unexpected, shocking scandal to rock the presidential election and derail one of the candidates. But it never appeared. In an era of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink gutterball politics, this mysterious absence of any major scandal was itself noteworthy. How could nothing have happened?
Sure, there was Hurricane Sandy. But that doesn’t count. Sandy was a natural disaster that dominated the headlines for a few days, but it wasn’t a scandal. And yes, there was Benghazi. But that happened in early September, and it wasn’t so much a political scandal uncovered by partisan operatives as it was the umpteenth example of Obama’s incompetence. Whatever Benghazi blowback he’s gotten damaging his election chances are entirely his own responsibility for bungling an international crisis. So, no, neither one of those counted as an October Surprise.
Which left many people scratching their heads. Why wasn’t there one? For either candidate?
In Mitt Romney’s case, the answer is pretty obvious: He’s squeaky clean. His entire adult life has been like a boring treatise on Mormon moral rectitude. His political career has long been an open book — moderate, bipartisan, essentially uneventful. The Democrats have tried to squeeze some droplets of outrage over Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, but those attacks came earlier in the summer and turned out to be extremely slim pickin’s. There are no skeletons in Romney’s closet, otherwise we would have heard about them.
But in Barack Obama’s case, the situation is reversed: Everything he’s ever done is scandalous. The reason there was no October Surprise for Obama is that we’re all scandaled out. Anyone’s who been paying attention since 2008 has literally been in paralytic shock every single day. We spent October 2012 exactly as we’ve spent every month of the last four years: Our jaws on the floor, aghast, stupefied, unable to breathe. Almost every single thing Obama has done since he’s been in the national spotlight could have been and should have been a career-ending October Surprise. But the mainstream media, as we all know, has devoted itself to protecting him.
Not a day has gone by since Obama took office when I didn’t learn of some fresh outrage and say Oh. My. God. But we’ve been traumatized so often that over time the scandals have all blurred together and fused into a single red-hot thought: Please let this nightmare end.
A complete recounting of Obama’s shoulda-been October Surprises would fill a book, an encyclopedia, an entire library. But I think this is a good time to initiate a crowd-sourced list of everything Obama has done since 2008 (and every fact about his earlier life that emerged since 2008) which you thought was scandalous, shocking or outrageous. Just for the record, let’s remind the world that every freakin’ day for the last four years has been an October Surprise.
I’ll get the ball rolling with a few scandalous deeds and facts which occur to me at the moment, but this list will primarily come from you, the readers. In the comments section below, mention anything and everything that you believe should have ruined Obama politically (if the media had been doing its job). From the big to the small, from the recent to the distant, dig deep in your memory and just let it all out, like political primal scream therapy.
I’ll continuously update the list as best as I can to include whatever gets mentioned by the commenters.
Ready? Let the collective scream begin!

The Complete List of Barack Obama’s Scandals, Misdeeds, Crimes and Blunders

• $6 trillion in new national debt under Obama…after he promised to decrease the deficit.
• Obamacare — A massive and incredibly convoluted bill which exponentially increases the federal government’s control over our personal lives…which neither Obama nor a single Democrat even read before passing, and which will likely bankrupt the nation.
• In both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, the Obama campaign purposely disabled the credit card verification system for its Web site donations, allowing anyone from any foreign country to donate with no limit and no proof of identity; in both elections it was demonstrated that people overseas and people with obviously false identities were able to donate to Obama campaign, in direct violation of several laws. To this day it is not known what percentage of Obama’s campaign funds are illegally obtained, since there is no documentation.
• Billions of taxpayer dollars gambled on “green” companies like Solyndra, NextEra, Ener1, Solar Trust and many others — all of which went bankrupt.
• An intentional refusal to enforce federal immigration laws.
• Unemployment at or above 8% for almost his entire term in office (which was actually closer to 15% actual unemployment).
• Operation Fast & Furious — a government-sponsored illegal gun-running scheme designed to purposely go awry so as to induce public outcry for gun control.
• Spent 20 years listening to a racist anti-American pastor (Rev. Jeremiah Wright), whom Obama desribed as a mentor. On March 18, 2008, Obama gave a speech in which he said “I could no more disown Jeremiah Wright than I could disown my own grandmother” and “[Wright's church, Trinity United] embodies the black community in its entirety.” Now Obama tries to pretend that Jeremiah Wright doesn’t exist, and that his extremist anti-white philosophy didn’t influence Obama’s worldview.
• Increased the percentage of Americans dependent on food stamps to unprecedented levels (now over 15% of the nation’s population).
• Before he entered politics, Obama worked as a lawyer suing banks in landmark cases, forcing them to give home loans to unqualified minority borrowers — a practice now understood as one of the primary initial causes of the eventual housing bubble and market collapse.
• Handed out over 1,200 waivers to politically connected donors exempting them from the onerous requirements of Obamacare.
• Greatly expanding the number of unaccountable “czars,” which essentially amounts to unilaterally adding new federal departments with no congressional oversight — leading to a true “bureaucracy” in the original sense (rule by unelected bureaucrats).
• Using taxpayer dollars to bail out the private pension funds of autoworkers’ unions at GM & Chrysler.
• Illegally ending the welfare-to-work requirements passed by Congress.
• Doling out $800 billion in stimulus cash for “shovel-ready” jobs that didn’t exist — the money just evaporated with no measurable economic benefit.
• Alienating and isolating Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East.
• Apologizing to Islamists and terrorists for offending them.
• Under Obama’s watch, for the first time in history America’s credit rating was downgraded, due to his poor economic policies.
• Stopped American oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, allowing other nations with worse environmental records to drill instead — thereby managing to both weaken our economy and damage the environment simultaneously.
• Proposed in 2008 to intentionally bankrupt the coal industry — and now lies to voters and workers in coal-producing regions about his true intent.
• Pretends to be concerned about skyrocketing energy prices, when in fact he vowed to increase them on purpose (so as to make alternative energy schemes more competitive.)
• In a primary debate against Hillary Clinton in 2008, Obama said he would never force people to buy health insurance, since those without it couldn’t afford to buy it. Less than two years later, he rammed through Obamacare, which does indeed force people to buy health insurance.
• During the 2008 campaign, Obama repeatedly promised that if he was elected “No family making less than $250,000 will see any form of tax increase.” This promise was broken over and over again once he was elected.
• In 2008 Obama vowed if elected to increase security along the U.S.-Mexican border — and then in 2010 stopped construction of a “virtual fence” on the border and re-routed money earmarked for border security to other projects.
• Cash for Clunkers, which doled out taxpayer money to anyone who wanted to replace their old cars, but which mostly only ended up subsidizing the puchase of foreign-made cars by people who could have afforded them on their own anyway; meanwhile, the traded-in cars were all destroyed, creating a shortage and thereby increasing the cost of used cars, hurting the pocketbooks of poor people.
• Violated the U.S. Constitution by authorizing assassinations and drone strikes to kill American citizens abroad — without due process.
• Was caught on a “hot mike” promising the President of Russia that he would cave in to their demands for a weaker missile shield — after he was re-elected and no longer had to keep up the pretense that he sought to defend America.
• Soon after taking office, Obama rescinded the “Mexico City Policy,” which previously had banned NGOs which are supported by American taxpayer funds from using those funds to perform abortions in foreign countries.
• Appointed Van Jones, a former avowed communist who supported a “9/11 Truth” petition, to be “Green Jobs Czar.”
• Appointed Anita Dunn, who said Chairman Mao was her “favorite philosopher,” to be White House Communications Director.
• Appointed John Holdren, who perviously entertained the notion of forced mass sterilzation to stop overpopulation, to be Science Czar.
• Appointed Steven Chu, who openly advocated an artificial increase in gasoline prices to $10/gallon (and similar increases in other energy prices) to be Secretary of Energy.
• Appointed Kevin Jennings, who led a group that promoted X-rated “sex-positive” textbooks for 13-year-olds, instructed teenagers at a conference how to perform “fisting” (anal penetration by fists), who refused to report instances of statutory rape, and who expressed admiration for a member of NAMBLA, to be America’s “Safe School’s Czar.”
• When states voted to enforce the federal immigration laws which the federal government refused to enforced, Obama sued to stop them.
• Blocked continued construction of the Keystone Pipeline, thereby intentionally reducing energy resources for the US and forcing Canada to sell more of its oil to China.
• Repeatedly changed his position on gay marriage over the years, depending on what was politically expedient at the moment and which intended audience he was addressing.
• Before he was president, Obama staunchly opposed raising the national debt limit — but once elected, he insisted that it be raised.
• When giving a 2009 speech in France that he hoped and assumed Americans would never hear, he described the United States as “arrogant” and “dismissive.”
• When states tied to stop election fraud with voter ID laws, Obama sued to prevent them from doing so.
• Instructed Attorney General Eric Holder to stonewall any investigation into the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers.
• Promised in 2008 that once elected he would officially recognize the Armenian Genocide; but to this date he has still failed to do so, caving in to threats and pressure from Turkey.
• Vowed to end the influence of lobbyists in Washington, but under Obama’s watch their influence has only increased.
• When he was first running for President, Obama promised, “I will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.” Needless to say, he has broken that promise with almost every bill he has signed since.
• Aided and abetted the “Arab Spring” which deposed existing secular governments across North Africa, leading to a regional power vacuum which was filled by Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other hardline Islamists.
• Refused to provide assistance or support the the earlier secular Iranian democracy uprising, allowing them to be crushed by the Islamic fundamentalist Iranian regime.
• In his first months in office, Obama bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, the president of China, the Emperor of Japan, and President of Mexico, among others.
• Ordered NASA to make one of its top priorities not space exploration or scientific research but “Muslim outreach.”
• Used Obamacare as a pretext to greatly increase the size and power of the IRS (which was given 16,000 new agents and additional mandates to penalize taxpayers for noncompliance).
• Used the IRS to harass conservative businesses.
• In the GM bailout, he illegally shortchanged investors who according to bankruptcy laws were first in line to be recompensed; instead, he gave their share to the unions.
• Shut down oil drilling in the US, but then turned around and lent $2 billion to Brazil to support their government-controlled oil-drilling effort — and then promised the US would become one of Brazil’s biggest oil customers.
• Sued Boeing in an effort to control where businesses could locate, kowtow to the unions, and block the creation of 1,000 jobs in South Carolina, a right-to-work (i.e. no forced unionization) state.
• Adopted a longstanding Socialist political slogan, “Forward!”, as his 2012 campaign motto.
• Sent insulting form letters to the familes of dead SEALs.
• Neither disavowed nor distanced himself from anti-Romney campaign ads which threatened or implied vilence against Republicans.
• Shortly after the recent eruption of anti-American violence in North Africa, Obama went to Las Vegas to do his debate preparation in a hotel…with a romanticized North Africa theme.
• Said in an interview that the Muslim call to prayer was “the most beautiful sound in the world.”
• Union boss and far-left activist Andy Stern has visitied Obama in the White House at least 53 times, at last count — greater access than any other private citizen.
• Hosted at the White House many Islamist members of groups associated with Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.
• Sponsored performances by and attended fundraisers with radical rappers like Michael Franti and Common, both of whose lyrics have in some cases been anti-police, anti-white, and anti-America.
• Hired Timothy Geithner, who is documented as cheating on his own personal taxes, to be Secretary of the Treasury.
• Told Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher that it was good to “spread the wealth around.”
• Told small business owners nationwide in a 2012 speech that “you didn’t build that” — implying that they should not claim credit for their own success, since taxpayers (i.e. themselves and other business owners) had funded the national infrastructure.
• Insulted the British people by rudely returning to them a bust of Churchill which previously had been a ceremonial gift on display at the White House; when later confronted on this inexplicable action, he lied about it.
• Canceled plans to complete a missile defense shield in Poland, a move which was highly praised by Russia and Iran — the very nations whose missile threats would have been neutralized if the shield had been completed.
• By loudly publicizing (for personal political gain) the identity of exact SEAL teams who had killed Osama bin Laden, Obama made them a target for reprisals by Islamists; a short time later 22 SEALS were shot down and killed in Afghanistan, their worst loss of life ever.
• Established an extra-Constitutional top secret “kill list” of people (including Americans) Obama claims the right to kill on sight, and then bragged about it publicly.
• Set up a special email account, “,” to which Americans were supposed to inform the government of anyone they heard spreading “disinformation” about Obama’s health care overhaul. (This was the first of three different “spy on your friends and neighbors” programs.)
• “Attack Watch” was Obama’s second Big Brother attempt, a Web site on which you would report “attacks” on Obama’s proposals and ideology; it was quickly shut down due to outrage and mockery.
• Finally, Obama set up the “Truth Team” program which encouraged citizens to report to the government any friends or relatives they hear repeating “lies” about Obama. The Truth Team site still exists.
• Twisted the arms of defense contractors to not issue layoff notices in early November, so as to avoid causing bad news for Obama right before the election — even though federal law (the “WARN Act”) requires such notices.
• After the attacks on American interests in North Africa on September 11, 2012, Obama gave a speech to the U.N. and declared “The future must not belong to those who slander The Prophet of Islam” — transferring the blame from the attackers onto the makers of a film trailer that supposedly “offended” the Islamists.
• Repeatedly snubbed and got into public tiffs with Benjamin Netanyahu, who as the leader of Israel is supposed to be Obama’s closest colleague in international affairs.
• On May 19, 2011, Obama told Israel they must return to the 1967 borders as a pre-condition for continuing talks with the Palestinians — even though the status of the borders was the main issue the talks were supposed to address.
• Encouraged politically biased hiring practices in the Justice Department.
• Attempted to force returning veterans to pay huge increases for their health coverage…as a way to generate more funding for his Obamacare provisions.
• In June of 2011, he annointed his own underage daughters as “senior staff members” so that their vacation to Africa would be paid for with taxpayer money.
• Interviews with high school classmates revealed that Obama was a heavy and frequent user of marijuana in his teenage years (not to mention his self-admitted cocaine use in college).
• Played over 100 rounds of golf during his first three years in office, meaning that he was on the links close to 10% of the days he has been president.
• Voted to allow partial-birth abortions not just once but three times in a row as an Illinois state senator.
• The pastor whom Obama selected to give the national benediction at his 2009 inauguration recently declared that “all white people are going to Hell.”
• Sided with Hugo Chavez and the Castro regime regarding the Honduran Constitutional Crisis of 2009, the first time ever that the U.S. formed a political alliance with socialist governments in Latin America.
• Obama Administration OKed the nomination of Chas Freeman to chair the National Intelligence Council (which coordinates intelligence reports from all government agencies), despite the fact that he was openly hostile to Israel and strongly favored Arabist goals. (He later withdrew under pressure.)
• Chinese pianist Lang Lang played an offensively anti-American song at a 2011 White House dinner where Obama hosted Chinese president Hu Jintau, to the delight and amazement of the communist Chinese visitors, while Obama just sat there and smiled (the song’s Chinese lyrics describe Americans as “warmongering jackals”).
• There was a great deal of (still unverified) suspicion that the company LightSquared received favorable treatment from the Obama administration for approval of its broadband technology which interfered with the GPS system; an Air Force general claimed he was pressured by the Obama administration to downplay his criticism of LightSquared’s technology in sworn testimony.
• Obama’s Department of Energy awarded $529 million to Fisker Automotive to build their Karma hybrid electric cars — even though they are manufactured in Finland, cost over $100,000 each, and tend to explode.
• When Inspector General Gerald Walpin discovered during a 2009 investigation that one of Obama’s political allies (the mayor of Sacramento) was misusing government funds for personal gain, Obama unceremoniously fired Walpin — even though rooting out fraud was the job description of the Inspector General.
• More than once Obama made so-called “recess appointments” when the Senate was not actually in recess, which directly violates Constitutional rules about how appointments must be made; in each case it was his way of getting his political allies into certain key positions without them being vetted or approved by the Senate, as required.
• After Nidal Malik Hasan massacred 13 people at Fort Hood while shouting “Allahu Ackbar” so as to become a martyr for Islam, the Obama administration refused to classify his action as “terrorism” and instead deemed it merely “workplace violence.”
• Despite the fact that the Falklands Islands have been part of Great Britain since 1833 and that Great Britain is supposed to be our strongest ally, Obama essentially sided with Argentina in its new claim on the Falklands, not only by adopting the Argentine position that their status is open to negotiation, but even by (attempting to) refer to the islands by their Spanish name (Malvinas).
• Convened the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (a.k.a. the Simpson-Boyles commission) in order to address a major economic crisis…and then summarily dismissed and ignored their recommendations.
• Criticized the Supreme Court’s legal reasoning (about the Citizen’s United decision) during a State of the Union address, which many considered a dangerous precedent as it appeared to place political pressure on the court, violating the Constitution’s separation of powers; but his bullying seems to have later paid off, when the Supreme Court apparently altered its Obamacare decision to as to not ruffle any political feathers.
• On April 27, 2009, Obama’s staff (possibly at his direction) ordered Air Force One to make an unnecessary very low flight over part of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, which many residents mistakenly assumed must be a second 9/11 attack in process; turned out that it was just a stunt to get a photo op of Obama’s plane next to the Statue of Liberty.
• Obama somehow managed to insert mentions himself into the official biographies of earlier presidents on the White House Web site — even presidents from the 19th century. After public outcry, the narcissistic Obama mentions were quietly removed without comment.
• Invariably and intentionally misquotes the Declaration of Independence in speeches, leaving out the words “by our Creator” in the famous passage “…are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,” which Obama always recites as “…are endowed with certain unalienable rights.”

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Obama, the Muslim Terrorist and America's March to the Gulag

There is no doubt that most Americans are now aware of the threat posed by a Muslim jihadist in the White House and creeping Sharia law that is now influencing our courts.  As Obama has systematically destroyed this country's economy, he as also placed radical Muslims in sensitive positions in government, assisted in having judges appointed that support Sharia law, and has aided and abetted our enemies - jihadist Muslims - in the Middle East.  It has been laid out for all who would see and take note.

As such, this country faces perhaps the greatest threat of all...the takeover by radical Muslims and the threat to not American values and culture, but to our very lives.  For no non-Muslim shall live in peace and to defy Islam is to face beheading, mutilation, and the loss of one's life.  There is no living in peace with Islam in America, as they are simply waiting and planning, setting bombs, and going about their business of setting the traps to attack America...just waiting on the directives from the clerics who foment their rage and give them their orders.

The following comments are from readers of the Ulsterman Report.  Most are highly aware and warn Americans that Obama presents the greatest threat to this country that we've ever known.  Only his ousting and running he and the radical Muslims that he has allowed into this country during his reign...out...offer us a modicum of safety as we assess the damage.

VTX 11/2/2012
Sometime during the Clinton administration, I had a very uneasy feeling – I can’t say for sure when it started. Might have even begun under HW Bush. The feeling was that there were those in the Establishment who desired our surrender. To whom, it was asked. I didn’t know; it was just a feeling of betrayal.
Frenk Herbert’s Dune series (the first three) might bave been part of it: Duke Leto’s men were all “encouraged” to adopt the planet’s religion, which was a metaphor for Islam. It’s all there – a blueprint, even though in novel form, and certainly glib, as the “Fremen” are painted as hard-but-noble. It was a point of view from a novelist who was pretentious as he was prescient (a term he used quite frequently.) Portentious or not, the books were chilling, if you considered what it might mean for us…
Do we always take science fiction books for prophecy? Sometimes they are predictive – in this case, absolutely. There’s no question that our military leaders from certain upbringings are encouraging conversion to Islam – as well as some of our Intel folks hiding at the top of the ranks. Politicians – I know some locals – who are apparently ready for the Big Surrender.
Not this time. We will never surrender to Islam – and while the Alan Graysons of the world shout blood libels against Christians, serious Christians – not the weebly-wobbly types – are all that stands between Israel (and American Jews) and the hordes of murderous Muslim thugs. Once there…once Israel is gone, the battle is everywhere, just like before, with Vichy-like Soros’ in every coffee shop and at every street corner. The battle will have begun. And the Alan Graysons of the world – and the Anthony Weiners – will have ushered in the worst battle ever fought.
I am wrong about a lot of things, but unless we see the enemy and confront the enemy and defeat the enemy…this will come to pass. Another Israel might come into being – if this one is destroyed – but another Holocaust, worse than the last one, is just a Presidency away.


  • Steve Hayes continues to connect the dots…
    Obama lies to the people. If elected he will be impeached….or the USA has ceased to exist.
    Al Qaeda not only lives but grows into a consortium across state lines of countries led and unified for terrorist purposes by the Muslim Brotherhood and with direct ties to Iran….the state that not only produces and manages terror against the USA …but that Obama has deployed a flaccid response to their nuclear ambitions and imminently armed nuclear capabilities. The pertinent question being “is Obama purposefully impotent of this impending danger or rather mounting an offense against the USA?
    Obama not only lies about Americans national security but their evaporating safety. He lied about a video insulting Islam …tagging a video trailer made in this country for the direct cause of the Al Qaeda attack…further explaining in front of the world at the United Nations that ” the future does not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Islam.” Does that appear to be a threat? Yes it does.
    This explanation defies any common America sense…it excuses Al Qaeda’s attack and warns America
    Not to dare anger Islam or be prepared to loose the future…What an outrageous statement! Who made an American president utter such words? One could only imagine those words being uttered while terrorists held a gun to the head of an American president….Since when does an American president stand up and make excuses for Al Qaeda and deliver THEIR message of threat before the UN?????
    What does Al Qaeda have on Obama???? Or does he simply represent their world view ??? That message can only be taken one way or the other …Obama is either being blackmailed to say such a thing …or he stands with Al Qaeda and Islam.
    Does the rumor that he watched Ambassador Stevens being raped in real time play into these variables.
    Frankly, there is something disturbing about the obvious and blatant lies from Obama. He will tell the most outrageous lie as he looks the American people square in the eye …daring they not accept his lies as their truth. Malignant narcissist doesn’t begin to cover the disturbing picture of our disturbed president.
    Who beyond Steve Hayes has the testicular fortitude for reporting the truth of Benghazi and the outrageous liar in our White House..