Monday, September 29, 2014

Denver Students Protest Liberal Anti-American Dogma in Textbooks/Curriculum

Denver Students Stage Walkout Over Censoring American History: Also Happening In Mexico Simultaneously.

Pre-tribulation Rapture Exposed as Scofield Fraud

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Two Quakes Near Radioactive-Spewing, Melting Fukushima Nuclear Plant

QL posts the following from Dr Kate's View blog:

"With Paul Begley reporting in the 1st video below on yesterday’s TWO Japan earthquakes with epicenters near the Fukushima nuclear power plants, we learn in the story linked here and excerpted below of events on the day of March 15th via new testimony that shines a much brighter light upon what’s REALLY happening in Fukushima, Japan, and therefore the rest of the world. In the 2nd video, Pinksapphiret2 gives us the entire story from ENENews: The Point of No Return.
Leader of Fukushima plant “started staggering… mumbling ‘It’s all over’” before last reactor melted — Appears to collapse, has visions while motionless on floor — Top official “bursts into tears” at meeting — No way to prevent ‘utter catastrophe’ — ‘Chilling’ sound soon heard, ‘gaping hole’ in reactor suspected
Kyodo News (Part 10), Sep 23, 2014:: A [Tepco] senior official broke down and wept in the prime minister’s office when the utility felt it had exhausted all options to prevent an utter catastrophe… bursting into tears…
Testimony reveals odd behavior just before ‘chilling sound’ and pressure dropping to zero at Unit 2: Early on March 15, silence engulfed the emergency response office as the point of no return neared. Yoshida stood up and started staggering around, mumbling to himself, “It’s all over.”…

Sadie takes the country by storm...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Luciferianism is the foundation of the New World Order, New Age Religions

How Marxists and New World Order Shills Are Using Climate Change to Force Illegal Immigration Patterns into the United States

There is no longer any such thing as an illegal immigrant, according to Democrats, aka Progressives aka Marxists aka Communists aka globalists... who are now using the faux "climate change" issue as justification for any illegal immigrant to enter the U.S.

The linked article fully explains the issue, along with citations of text from the U.N. as to the details of their ultimate act to destroy free countries across the globe:

Environmental Migrants and Fundamental Transformation