Sunday, October 26, 2014

Deagel Military Analyst Data Shows American Population Reduction of 300 Million by 2025

Go to the website and take your own screenshot.  It is The Powers That Be shoving into your face what they have planned for the masses.

The posts on this site are not meant to instill fear and a sense of powerlessness, but to further the dissemination of information not made publicly available on mainstream news sites.

In fact, in order for individuals to collectively realize the potential of the organization of our voices, view the Youtube video below entitled "The Tiny Dot."

We are millions upon millions.  TPTB cannot function without our cooperation.  So, unless we are resisting the controlling PTB, we are partners in the ongoing sham of a "system."

Government is a group of corrupt shysters...and there is none worthy to "control," "govern," or "manage" the affairs of individuals or groups.

Download The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose.

CDC Has Patent on Ebola Virus, is Manipulating the Masses with Fake Cases of Ebola, Hospitals, Doctors, and Media Partners in Fraud

Why is the Pentagon making Ebola ‘therapeutic’ and CDC Patenting Ebola strains?

There is no vaccine for the virus, although the "shadow government" - over which we have no control - would have you believe otherwise.  The planted cases of so-called ebola cases are simply to engender fear and have people beg for more legislative control over the so-called

If you happen to be on the red list or blue list, this manufactured pandemic is a cover for the powers that be to pick you up and disappear restrict your travel...and to lower your immune system response through fear.

See the fraud for what it is.  Note that government is now planning to restrict internet news sites and blogs like this that the plan goes off without a hitch.  The end game?  Population reduction and a "wilding" of the U.S.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Do your work, people.

The Obolahoax is yet another SandyHoax...another attempt by the Illuminati, the globalists, the elites...manufactured to create mass hysteria and to thereby push legislation to rob you of what freedoms you have left.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola is Cover for Radiation Poisoning by Fukushima

Here's the deal. Fukushima has been pouring radiation...Cesium into the atmosphere and ocean to unprecedented levels today. Frickin' ebola and radiation poisoning have similar symptoms. Nothing like a manufactured "outbreak" of two people to cover for the pandemic radiation poisoning.

 Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Will Obama die from Obola?

Obama: I 'Hugged And Kissed' Nurses Treating Ebola Patients In Atlanta

SING AND DANCE, WORLD...if only this putz weren't such a liar.

Because if he is telling the truth...we can sing the happy song...