Tuesday, July 24, 2012


While Americans deal with false flags constantly, it seems, John Moore, radio host, has confirmed from at least four different military sources, including DHS, that the North American Continent is in danger from tsunamis that will result from Nibiru's closest crossing to earth, beginning August 17, 2012.  It will continue its journey, passing its closest point on September 26, 2012.  While no one can predict the effects on the planet of this red dwarf that is 3-4 times the size of Earth, its effects have been felt on an increasing basis since it entered our solar system in 2003.

In researching the potential effects on our planet, the effects can be devastating, including tsunamis resulting from asteroid hits or plate tectonic shifts and earthquakes.  The government is expecting a pole shift, as is evidenced by its warning to the "Continuity of Government" military personnel to be ready to "bug out" between now and August 17, 2012, which is the latest they will receive word.  These personnel will be moved to underground shelters that have been built by the military for the past half century, with the command central location in Denver, Colorado.

At a called meeting for the "Continuity of Government" contingency, it was explained to them that Nibiru was entering its closest point to Earth and that preparations were being made for the worst possible scenarios and that protection of the government elites was the highest priority.  Governments of the world have kept all of humanity in the dark about the planet for over fifty years and this decision was based on keeping order and avoiding the mass hysteria that would occur should they learn the truth.  They have built and have been observing this binary star system for over fifty years, with telescopes moved to Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii.  Because the transit of this system is not in our ecliptic plane and because the dwarf star is made of iron, it emits infrared waves, which cannot be detected with telescopes used by backyard astronomers.  The system will probably not be noticed by citizens until its August approach and will only be seen as it passes Earth and its location determinable with the Sun as its backdrop.  Even then, it will appear as a black circle.

As such, only those who deliberately make themselves aware of the pressing dangers to humanity will know what dangers are looming and only these will make preparations in the hopes of surviving not only the tsunami, but power outages, food shortages, lack of medical care, roaming and marauding gangs, radiation exposure, and some of the most challenging environmental changes known to the planet.

Nibiru will not impact the earth and the danger from the dwarf star comes from the gravitational effects on our tectonic plates and its effects on our sun, instigating stronger solar flares, or coronal mass ejections.  Perhaps the greatest danger will come from the tail of Nibiru, which contains millions of asteroids, moons, and iron dust particles.  These iron particles will shower onto the earth, making water appear red.

Humanity senses an approaching orb, animal die-offs have been unprecedented and unexplained, flooding, the erosion of coastal areas, magnetic pole shifting at an unprecedented rate, and earthquakes occurring at a quickening and unprecedented rate as well.  No one wants to believe that even this information is altered so as to present "normal" patterns to the citizenry of the planet; however, in light of the fact that this orb's existence has been kept hidden from the populace, it lends credence to the fact that we have been lied to about its effects as well.

This is the most current radio show available today from John Moore:

Take some time to research and decide whether you and your loved ones should make preparations to survive what may be the most deadly event to face our planet.

God speed.

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