Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tribulation, Loss of Liberty, and Signs in the Heavens

Many factors are poured into the recipe that makes up the End Times, leading to the Campaign of Armageddon.  Factions, wars, and the manipulations of countries vying for resources and power, signs from the heavens, weather patterns that affect the world's food supply, the rise of the anti-christ, and the proliferation of knowledge point to the fact that the Tribulation, if not already here, looms.

Some interesting visuals found regarding the Campaign (meaning more than one battle) of Armageddon can be seen here:
Photo above goes by many names from the Tel Megiddo, Har Megiddo, Armageddon, to the Plains of Esdraelon to the Vale of Jezreel. It is though where the most telling of world  battles have ever taken place in power shifts.

Battle of Megido, Palestine 1917

View a discussion of previous battles, connections to current events, and prophecy  at

While we have probably all spent time observing the heavens, only recently, because of extreme weather anomalies and personal observation that the moon just wasn't "quite right," have I been on a quest to answer a nagging question:  "What is going on with our planet?"

The journey has been an intriguing one, with new rabbit  holes under every rock, and untold mysteries of the universe posed for understanding.  For every explanation posed, there was a government operative psy op or disinformation agent willing to lie and obfuscate the issue.  Travailing through multitudes of sources of information, one must reach a conclusion of sorts, as God wills.

In purveying political intrigues of the U.S., along with these heavenly rabbit-hole runs...and the undeniable and overwhelming unction of the Holy Spirit, even though with a strictly limited understanding of how the pieces fit together, it seems clear that we have entered into the Tribulation period.

But most important to me is the safety of my family.  While God gives unction to each soul as to His will in each of their lives, and His will certainly is not to be usurped by the will of any person, clearly full information about what is looming seems a right to those with the means to seek out or to learn the information.

Hence, the Planet X, or Nibiru, conspiracy by the U.S. government to hide from Americans what has been occurring in the heavenlies due to their greed, their sell-out to the elites whose sole goal is to gather riches unto themselves, and to the government tools who wish to secure their own safety, at the expense of every American who does not have a ticket to the "safe places" called underground bunkers, or DUMBS.

Americans and world inhabitants have been forced to piece together information regarding the pertubations of our planets and moon through the power of observation, the unction of the Holy Spirit, the temporary tool of the internet, and through communicating with each other our observations.  The information unearthed has been unsettling, frightening, enraging, and - at the same - time relieving, as answers and information means power.  The power to make one's personal choices about important issues such as end-of-life issues, spiritual connections, the decision and resolution to live or to accept death as an inevitability in the face of what is to come.

Many people have had a deep, abiding knowledge that they would be around to witness and to participate in these battles, these heavenly events that occur during the tribulation.  Many have not.  Yet the time to face one's participation - or lack thereof - in these times has come.  We no longer have the luxury of burying ourselves in the minutiae of life, enjoying a bliss-filled time without worries about government intrigue, takeovers of evil regimes, starvation, becoming a martyr, or putting off the resolution of deeply-held spiritual matters.

Nibiru is simply one part of the puzzle that makes up the myriad of events that have and will continue to occur on the planet and its inhabitants.  The earthly events that will make mankind tremble in fear are those that occur as a result of this orb.  Nibiru is simply a trumpet call to awaken and to get our spiritual houses in order.

There is no right answer from outside of oneself.  Each person has God's unction and Holy Spirit to lead them to what is right for them.

We see Revelations unfolding before our very eyes.  We wait, breathlessly, and purvey the heavens in wonder at what God has wrought and the fight between ultimate Evil and Light.

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