Monday, July 23, 2012


Obama is going to burn the one Jew trump card in the Holocaust, because when Jews vaporize a city with nukes that card is gone. Tell that to the Shalom Wall Street Insider and all those Jews who voted for Obama or salivated over Sheik bin Laden's corpse getting shot up by Obama in how he robbed 9 11 families in that staged murder. You made this new holocaust and gave Obama the matches to ignite it.

Colin Powell with illegal intelligence information in Powellgate, and all these other shills setting this murder of Assad up, and now chemical weapons unleashed.
This is Russia now butting heads directly with America.....Obama did that, and that is nuclear weapons in the thermo class aimed at US cities like New York, Chicago, San Fran etc... the Obama enclaves.

Sure be distracted in that Obama visiting Aurora Colorado wag the dog, because Obama is going Joker Wild in the Syrian theater, and this is now a chemical, biological and nuclear theater.

You really think when this blows that Iran is going to wait for it's head being cut off by Obama, or will they start vaporizing the New York Jews first to give America something to play with instead of Tehran?

You better stop it children, because this is going to flashpoint.

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