Sunday, July 1, 2012

Find Your Truth

What if the elites knew that Nibiru was incoming, that NASA has tried to hide it from us all the while, pouring ChemTrails into the skies to obstruct from us the knowledge that they’ve been privy to for decades? The incoming orb brings earth’s wobbling, the effects of which we’ve already seen…with changing coastlines, the earth’s change in tilt, animal die-offs, unprecedented weather changes,food shortages, etc… One effect of Nibiru’s passing is a pole shift, which is one of devastation and only a fraction of humanity survives, if that.
Wouldn’t it make sense that, with this knowledge, leaders of the world rule by keeping the masses uninformed, choosing their “safe locations,” and saving their own asses instead of ruling the people righteously? Why would they care what we think or what is constitutional or what is best for citizens?
It would also explain why the New World Order is so frantic to put their plan into full throttle. For all nations of the world will be affected, countries will be enveloped by oceans, with others emerging…and they care only for themselves and their own safety. An aware public is a threat that could threaten their safety, their safe houses.
We must be further along and closer than we think.
There is proof out there…and people’s eyes and cameras cannot be made into lies for long.
Just saying…

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