Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 EOW Theory

We've all heard the End Of The World As We Know It -TEOTWAWKI - theories - that aliens were returning to earth to either kill us or to whisk us away to a place of Enlightenment where we would all co-exist in love forevermore - or they are coming to kill us.  That seems a long way to go to do something that nature takes care of pretty well of her own.

Another theory is that Nibiru - the red dwarf that NASA and TWTB go to great lengths to hide on satellite images - will be making its way through our galaxy, and with its massive magnetic pull, pulling our earth apart, drowning 2/3 of the earth's population, and raining down 100-pound hailstones.  Doesn't sound like many will survive, but we read in Revelations that some do come crawling out of their caves, eager to end mankind with yet another world war.

And if we didn't have enough galactic events with which to deal at this momentous time in our planet's and in mankind's existence - we are going to align with the galactic equator and be able to view the galactic core through the dark rift opening on 12/21/2012.  Sounds like a beautiful light show.  If only it weren't for the gamma ray emissions, which is up to 7 million times the energy of our sun traveling at the speed of sound.

Truly, we are at the mercy of God Himself to either shield us from what is to come...or we have the unique experience of living through and dying in the final days of TEOTWAWKI.

Joe Smith

P.S.  In some ways, knowing that the leaders of the world and finance industries are aware of our demise would make this easier...but it is inhumane to think that this information would be shielded from the common man.

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