Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Stage is Set

It looks like the elites have spun several possible cataclysmic events into the human consciousness which will bring about terror to the masses – to the point that the masses will accept any form of rescue, management, control, or government intervention to lessen their pain. To the unenlightened, it will appear to be the panacea…but the reality is that it will be the nail in their coffins.
The New World Order can use any singular event or combination of staged events, but one that appears to be an event by nature is preferred, as it will serve to remove evil motivation from the NWO, while painting them as the saviors with a plan. The public has been desensitized to these events through the media, movies, and television.
The worst of the evil is that, no matter how the end occurs, the NWO has plans in place to continue their stranglehold on humanity. It has been in the works for decades and only now is the stage set for the cataclysmic events to occur. To think that the usurper will allow this opportunity to be ripped from the hands of the NWO over a silly election…seems naive to me now. Those in power have been complicit all along, whether through their own selfish motivations or through fear.
As Russia moves war machines across the ocean to Syria and invades our air space, Clinton rattles her sabre at China and Russia and Muslims believe that they can usher in their own Messiah by destroying evil Americans. They simply seek out a catalyst event. Our unprotected borders have served as the gateway.

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