Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Say what?????

Admittedly, I am always a little late to the game, trying to find directions or the flyer with the address on it.  But, come on, how'd I miss this?

Everyone knows that FEMA camps are for those wascally wabbits who need to get their heads repositioned - elites use the term "re-educated" - right?  Everyone knows that the military has been stationed around the country because we have a power-hungry monster in the White House, right?

Then...I ran across another angle.  Blew the top of my head right off...something that's becoming a regular occurrence in these last days.  But there it was - staring me in the face.  I couldn't ignore it...couldn't discount the potential veracity...and was forced to give it consideration.

What if...just what if...those in government have been aware of the incoming Planet X - and have been keeping it from us for our own good?  How would a country control 350 million terrorized Americans...all trying to escape to a "safe place"?  We've seen the effects of this with Hurricane Ike.  Motorists stranded along I-45 to Dallas from Houston...traffic at a stand-still...gas stations closed...no bathrooms, food, water...people abandoning their cars...the storm approaching behind them...and only those with four-wheel-drive able to cross the muddy soil could escape onto service roads and then onto Farm Roads.  There was time then.  We might not have very much warning this time.

When this incoming orb comes to light...there won't be much time.  People become awakened to their own truth at different times.  The idea of the nanny government lying to its citizenry, indeed, all of the governments of the world colluding to keep from the world's inhabitants the most important event to face modern man...bespeaks of an evil that most cannot comprehend.  But self-serving elites are unable to see the world as we see it...and are more likely to view inhabitants as simply the ants of the earth who don't have enough value to be told.  Why, if you knew that your days were literally numbered, you might leave your job, find a safe place for your family, relocate, gather seeds, supplies - and where will that leave the elites who count on your labor to pay the usury that they need to support their dozens of "safe houses" that they have been busily preparing for themselves for over fifty years?

But back to the FEMA camps.  The following quote is from an article that I will reference below:

"The US will suffer the New Madrid adjustment, which will throw much of the eastern half of the US into survival camps. The disaster will reach up to Chicago, along the seaway through Ohio, and along the eastern seaboard via related fault lines."

We've heard of the New Madrid fault line in the U.S.  In fact, it was interesting to hear of it because the U.S. has earthquakes, but those are usually limited to California.  How interesting to learn that quakes could be found in the Eastern U.S.  But the quote above refers to an "adjustment."  This adjustment will occur as a result of a pole shift.  You've heard of pole shifts?  On "Doomsday Preppers," right?  Those crazy preppers. My thought for today was that possibly, just possibly, FEMA camps were really built for the millions of prisoners that the U.S. has made a booming business imprisoning - and they will be taken there either before or during a pole shift.  Prisons are indeed located around the Pole Shift areas.  Maybe the paranoia previously held toward this administration can be assuaged a little.  For now.  Just a little.

What in the world is a pole shift?  Why does it happen?  What are the effects?  How would it affect me and my family?

Good questions.  Those who seek the truth will find it...

article reference:  http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/21ja2012.htm

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