Saturday, July 28, 2012

So You Fought Demons, Niburu, and the Anti-Christ...Now What?

As if the present battles of living in an uncertain and more totalitarian world weren't difficult enough, and you've fought and survived battles with demons, lizards, other-worldly creatures, the Destroyer, fireballs, and the Anti-Christ himself...what is facing humanity on the planet?

It seems that the Illuminati, Skull and Crossbones fans, and all Secret Societies have lived for several thousand years, puffed up in their conceit and in their allegiance over what was their guarded "secret" from the rest of mankind.  Yet now, in what is the age of information, with knowledge expanding exponentially and at unprecedented rates, with connections made that previously could only be known to those "educated" privileged souls with access to the most exhaustive and extensive libraries in the world - this knowledge can be known by almost anyone.

No longer will humanity be kept enslaved by the murderous and thieving regime of the Elites.  No longer will we sit silently by and allow the cabal to commit their crimes unknowingly.  The veil over the eyes of the world's inhabitants have been removed. We see the signs in the heavens, the moans of the earth, the groans of man...and we see your evil.  No longer will your machinations be done in secret.

Out, Goat, out yourself.  Bring yourself into the courtroom of the world...and let the jury hear your case.

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