Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lame Cherry Predicts Tough Times Ahead - First Horseman of the Apocalypse

SUNDAY, JULY 29, 2012

Prophetic Eve

Wrath of God - the Aftertimes

The American starch will be tested. The European starch will be waned. Little Canada will blossom in the heat and flourish. The Eastern European Slavs will bow down under the burden.

The French will be scorched and bleach in the blister as their little independence bulbs in stress.

The heads will be thinned and repeatedly be stressed by calamity.

The Germans and lowlands will thin. The soldiers will be thinned in ranks and flourish.

Even with a double portion will the people be in want as 2/3rds of their efforts will not produce.

The Swiss will be thin, but they will flourish abudantly.

The Imperial will have a wondeful display.

That which is deepest down will do no better than that which is shallow for all will roll into a ball from what has come.

The Ukrainian will be eaten in the east and her offspring in the west will die in the womb.

The Russian will be eaten in the east and her offspring die, while she makes a great show in the west.

The evil has become deeply imbedded. It flourishes while the peoples suffer and it refuses to be removed.

Australia will overtake and flourish.

Texas will struggle in the battle with the remnant surprising how good they look.

The northern plains will thrive under an orange glow.

Japan will be stunted in the north, but in competition be robust in the south.

That which America has produced will be an uneven weed of fruitful bough.

Quebec will be untended beyond it's borders.

America will suffer in the east and west coasts and not be.

I have felt this for some time in the invald state of America. She is weak, a top heavy tree too overgrown and no root to bring forth a yield. She is stately, but the worms are in her bark and the birds drill holes looking for prey and the entire tree whithers in a sun of Judgment.

This I see in signs as I saw in the harvest moon of 2011 in December which foretold of the drought of 2012 scorching America.

It will be the first horseman of the Apocalypse and that which follows will follow. You little picture girl will rue the day you mocked lamely for God will strike and the fool of you will fool no more.

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