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Ambassador Stevens Was Mutilated, Raped, Lynched, Dragged

Ambassador Stevens & Gadaffi- Did they meet the same fate? Psyop film & Egypt!

Let’s talk Libya & Egypt

Very doubtful the US Ambassador’s killing in Libya had anything to do with the highly questionable “film” made by an Israeli that allegedly sparked protest in Egypt. (The protests could have been staged just as easily as so many protests have been)

Version # 1- According to the msm Ambassador Stevens was killed by an RPG.

Ali at thenaked facts brought this to my attention.
Version # 2- Information suggesting that Ambassador Stevens may have met the same fate as Ghadaffi, he survived the ambush on the heavily guarded embassy, but was taken, tortured, killed and body paraded about-

There is some interesting language being bandied about that seems to indicate that version #2 is the more truthful version-

From the Telegraph and the Guardian

T- 10pm Libyan time on Tuesday - The consulate's main compound begins taking fire from unidentified assailants. Around 30 people - both Libyans and Americans - were in the consulate at the time.
G-Officials said the consulate began taking fire at about 10pm Libya time. Fifteen minutes later, the attackers got past "robust security"- American and Libyan - and into the building, setting it on fire.

It seems with only 3 people actually inside the building there was indeed a robust security contingent outside. Approximately the 27 remaining people.

According to the Guardian & Telegraph the Ambassador was taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation sometime after the attack-

G- the ambassador either escaped the consulate or was helped out and was taken to hospital by Libyans. It is not clear if he was alive at that point.

T- At some point between becoming separated from his security detail he is taken to a Benghazi hospital, which chimes with accounts from a doctor who said he treated Stevens for smoke inhalation. It's not clear how he got to the hospital but the Americans did not take him there.

10.15pm - The security officer makes it outside and but rushes back into the building with reinforcements to try to rescue the two others. They find Smith's body but are unable to locate the ambassador and are forced to retreat. His whereabouts remain unknown for the next several hours.

11.20pm - US and Libyan security forces make another attempt to regain the main building and this time succeed. As the shooting continues, they move all remaining staff into the annex building.

Midnight - The annex comes under heavy fire which continues for two hours. Two more Americans are killed in the fighting. They remain unidentified but are State Department officials.

0.45pm - US security personnel launch a counter-attack from the consulate's smaller annex and try to regain the main building, which is still aflame. They come under heavy gunfire and have to retreat.

2am Wednesday - Libyan forces regain control of the compound. It's not clear whether the attackers are killed, retreat, or flee.

Early morning - Stevens's body is returned to US officials at Benghazi airport.
US officials did not discover what happened to Stevens until his body was returned to them at Benghazi airport at about dawn.

Therefore Ambassador Stevens initially alive and treated for smoke inhalation was returned to Benghazi airport at approximately 6 am. That is 8 hours unaccounted for.
As of 5:pm est the Guardian is reporting
49m ago Senior US officials: No confirmation on how Stevens died

No confirmation on how Stevens died.
So what happened? One thing seems clear Ambassador Stevens was not killed by RPG fire. The US has not confirmed how he died. It appears the US does not want the details to come out. Did Ambassador Steven meet the same fate as Ghaddafi?

From the NYT’s

A prime-time news report (out of Russia) pointedly juxtaposed images of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’s death with Colonel Qaddafi’s, pointing at their similarities.
And why would the Russian media do this? Unless these were similar deaths?

In Italy, the Web site of the newspaper Corriere della Sera showed images of what it said was the American Consulate in Benghazi ablaze with men carrying automatic rifles and waving V-for-victory signs, silhouetted against the burning buildings. One photograph showed a man closely resembling Mr. Stevens apparently unconscious, his face seeming to be smudged with smoke and his eyes closed.

Cellphones in hand. How often do we see that? Very often. In fact when Ghaddafi was killed, we saw those very same types of images.

Want to point out this fact- The cellphones used to take these pictures were provided to the mercs in Libya by the US. The internet connectivity and cellphone connectivity was all provided for the Libyan mercs by the US. Same as all the weapons. Provided by the US and it's NATO allies
Is that ironic? Or is is karmic? I don't know.
These individuals have all the accoutrements of death that the US and NATO provided to them to destroy Libya. As you sow, so shall you reap? I don't know?
What I do know is the US shipped these killers via Turkey to torment the people of Syria

From the woman who has made this statement regarding the Ambassadors death
This “Attack... should shock the consciences of people of all faiths'

I am going to remind readers of Hilary Clinton’s reaction upon the death of Gadaffi
“We came. We saw. He died” hahaha Evil woman. Evil. Regarding the film that allegedly caused a stir in Egypt.... this is an utter psyop! An Israeli psyop. Attempting to cast Egyptians in a bad light, so that Israel's government can cry wolf- Oh, poor us. We must do something about the dangerous Islamists in Egypt. Like invade the Sinai. From the Guardian References to Islam in film were overdubbed: report About that "film," "Innocence of Muslims": its every detail seems to disintegrate under the first light of examination. On the Media now reports that every reference in the film to Islam appears to be overdubbed. The film apparently isn't, or wasn't, about Islam at all: If you watch closely, you can see that when the actors are reading parts of the script that do not contain Islam-specific language, the audio from the sound stage is used (the audio that was recorded as the actors were simultaneously being filmed). But anytime the actors are referring to something specific to the religion (the Prophet Muhammed, the Quran, etc.) the audio recorded during filming is replaced with a poorly executed post-production dub. And if you look EVEN closer, you can see that the actors’ mouths are saying something other than what the dub is saying. CNN quotes from a statement the news organization says was "released on the behalf of the 80 cast and crew members of "Innocence of Muslims" – although who released the statement and how CNN is sure of its authenticity is unclear. The statement condemns the film and claims the actors were duped: "The entire cast and crew are extremely upset and feel taken advantage of by the producer. We are 100% not behind this film and were grossly misled about its intent and purpose," the statement says. "We are shocked by the drastic re-writes of the script and lies that were told to all involved. We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that have occurred." U.S. media said the film was produced by an Israeli-American property developer Israel claims he is not an Israeli citizen. But, wouldn’t Israel have been the most expedient place for this man to flee to? Israel, however, sought to distance itself from Bacile. “It’s obvious we’ll have to be vigilant. Anything he did or said has nothing to do whatsoever with Israel. He may claim what he wants. This was not done with, or for, or through Israel,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said on Wednesday. The two-hour movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” cost $5 million to make and was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who wrote and directed it. Psyop- UPDATE BEGINS- Ambassador Chris Stevens' final hours a mystery "At some point in all of this,(From 10 pm to 6am) and frankly we do not know when, we believe that Ambassador Stevens got out of the building and was taken to a hospital in Benghazi. We do not have any information what his condition was at that time.(It would seem he was alive, read above) "His body was later returned to US personnel at the Benghazi airport." The FBI has now opened an inquiry into the attack and the circumstances of the deaths of the three who were killed.

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