Sunday, September 16, 2012

State Department Scrubs Damning Memo From Website Following Deadly 9-11 Consulate Attacks

Busted!… State Department Scrubs Damning Memo From Website Following Deadly 9-11 Consulate Attacks

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, September 15, 2012, 3:46 PM

On Wednesday September 12, 2012 blogger Speak With Authority discovered that five days before 9-11, the US State Department sent out a memo announcing no credible security threats against the United States on the anniversary of 9-11.
The Overseas Security Advisory Council, who posted the memo, is part of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security under the U.S. Department of State.
Here is a screengrab of the memo at the OSAC website:

The OSAC memo said:
Terrorism and Important Dates
OSAC currently has no credible information to suggest that al-Qa’ida or any other terrorist group is plotting any kind of attack overseas to coincide with the upcoming anniversary of September 11. However, constituents often have concerns around important dates, holidays, and major events, Often times, these concerns are the result of increased media attention to the issue, rather than credible evidence of a terrorist plot.
But now it’s gone.
The State Department scrubbed the letter from its OSAC website.

The damning memo is gone.
How convenient. They flushed the damning memo down the internet memory hole.
Dan Riehl has more.
We heard the reports about the chaos at the State Department.
But we had no idea they were scrubbing documents.
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  1. And so the cover up begins….

  2. That one window with the light on all night long on 9/12 was Huma Abadin working late….>

  3. Not entirely – somebody was smart enough to screen grab it. I could have sworn, however, that destroying government documents is a criminal offense.

    From Intrade:
    You tell me…

  5. 666

  6. Ever get the feeling we are getting played…..?

  7. That is because the mooslum in chief wants to kill Americans…it is their nature…he sticks with his mooslum brothers all the way

  8. “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this Presidency” – Obama

  9. Imam Obama and Mrs. Clinton knew about this threat and chose to do nothing about it. They have an agenda and damn if anything like a few threats get in the way.
    I believe Hillary new there were going to be demonstrations but did not expect violence, Imam Obama knew all along there was going to be violence and stood behind it.
    Hillary and Imam Obama have blood on their hands and both should be behind bars. They are complicent in this and have a agenda to do away with our constitution starting with the first amendment.

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