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Islam and Homosexuality - ALL THE MEN ARE HOMOSEXUAL


Muslim  Barry's holding his Muslim gay partner's hand!

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hammer and nailSeptember 23, 2012 at 11:57 am

Islam and homosexuality…
Muslim males are taught to hate females since they are toddlers, that females are filthy loathesome and beneath goats, and only good for breeding.

Muslims are so averse to femaleness, that the males are forced to get their sexual gratification from other males and animals. Muslim males do not consider mutual sodomy a sin at all, it’s as normal as breathing; they accommodate their hypocrisy by distinguishing between homosexual love, which is a sin — and sexual gratification, which is perfectly normal and they ALL do it, heirarachy prison sex style.

That is why muslims mutilate female genitals — they are cut and deformed and stitched back togther to mimic a boy anus, a very small hole which feels to the male like a boy anus, but which causes excrutiating pain for the girl and is constantly infected (thus proving that females are stinky filthy loathesome etc). When the women have a baby they are sliced open then resewn into a tight boy-anus proxy yet again.

This is why Bacha Bazi boys are popular, dancing boys dressed up like girls that the muslim men pay to sodomize.

This is why they put females in cloth coffin slave bags, so they can’t even gaze upon them lest there be an attraction to the stinky female, which is an abhorent possibility. And if there is an attraction, it’s acted out VIOLENTLY as in rape, and SHE deserved it and gets stoned to death by sharia for it.
This is why they worship the kaba’a in mecca which is a brass sculpture in the shape of a boy’s anus.
100% of boys are sodomized in madrassa by clerics, it’s an absolute given. There’s even a video on atlasshrugs of an imam sticking his finger up a 7 year old boy’s butthole right while men are praying, as if it’s no big deal. The kid looks traumatized, but it’s part of his indoctrination — “look boy, we hate females, so we gotta use each other”.


This is also why the muslim men always sodomize their victims, usually with sticks (like the kids at Beslan or Qadafi) or with knives (like Ambassador Stevens). The anus is such a regal central part of islam that the ultimate insult is to defile it with weapons.
This is why they stick their anuses up for allah when they pray, their knees are spread apart, it’s not a bow, it’s a begging “do me now allah” stance. The ultimate submission for allah.

Muslim men think of themselves as he-men women oppressors who would rather have sex with eachothers’ anuses to avoid the stench of the loathed females.

Muslim homosexuality has to do with HATRED of females, whereas western homosexuality has to do with liking the same gender.

So when you see a statement that muslims punish homosexuals with lylnching, remember it’s represenatative, and what it’s punishing is femininity, as islam is 100% masculine and allows no love, no romantic aspects, no softness, and love between men as a form of homosexuality is considered the sin…not getting off using eachother’s body parts (that is perfectly OK).
Islam is about supremacy, war, domination.

It’s also about total hatred of females and the worship of the holy anus. Muslims fear an attack on mecca because it would destroy their anus sculpture.

Islam: The Religion of the Holy Boy Anus

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