Healthful Living in Uncertain Times

Radiation disease - here are the symptoms and causes

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Radiological protection - More ways to prevent radiation sickness

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A natural herb called Spirulina was recommended and used during the Chernobyl disaster to help the body rid itself of radioactive particles in the body.  Looks like GNC sells it.

Potassium iodide is recommended after a known or suspected nuclear spill.  Because the media is a government-controlled system, it is best to have your pulse on alternative media and to use the potassium iodide as your conscience and knowledge dictate.

... keep kids inside and run HEPA filter at home.
...give them Chlorella, Nascent iodine, Multivitamins, Miso, Rosemary, Wheat grass juice, Selenium, vit D, Bentonit clay from time to time

Radiation Safety Manual Effect of Vitamin C and antioxidative nutrition on radiationinduced gene expression in Fukushima nuclear plant workers

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