Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Documents and Video Prove Islamic Sanction of Cannibalism

ISIL Committee of Research and Fatwas has issued clarification that sanctions the cannibalization of infidels.

See the document below




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Sunday, December 27, 2015

China Checkmating U. S. citizens in the Final Steps to the New World Order, Seeks Disarmament

                                      photo:  ibtimes.com

In piecing together world events and the players, the following discussion of China's role in bringing about the final moves of today's global chess game makes good sense.  If one questions the complete ineptitude, corruption, and/or unwillingness of so-called "elected" leaders in the political realm to address today's issues, one needs to look no further than your local supermarket...which supplies you with everything from needles to bananas:  Walmart.

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Mark Austin Says: 

DATA sheet. I never created an acct to comment on Reddit but I do read you there. Although nobody is completely in control of this out of control world, every month the NSA, ALEC, Rand & other Corporations would report on why CHINA actually has the most power to induce biological events in order to assume more control over croplands in Africa, Central Asia & North America.
COLIN, your right. China’s small group of top leaders are less restricted to launch large scale events. In 2008 it cost Congressional candidates about 6 million each to win an election. High campaign costs are worth it because Congressional pay is pocket change compared to the big bucks deposited off shore by special interests. The largest campaign contributions on record come from China’s leaders in conjunction with multi-national corporations who has helped elect most US officials. China’s corporate kick backs are much more valuable to US Senators than their salary. In the past the British Empire once conquered and profitably colonized many countries by buying their leaders first. Now Xi Jinping is using the same formula to by US & Russian leaders.
China’s leader Xi Jinping has extracted vast economic gains from cheap labor & raw materials. However all records indicate that his greatest power play, currently in action on all world markets, will come from China taking control of the World’s Reserve Currency. The Peoples Republic combined with North Korea has the largest standing army on Earth.
Today, Forbes list of top corporations are small compared to the largest privately held companies. At the very top is Saudi Aramco which is worth 20 times the amount of the highest publicly offered company. Currently valued at 19 times greater than Apple, the P.R.C. has over 11 Trillion dollars in stock & bond holdings. Domestically the PRC has control over the publicly offered shares of CNPC, ICBC & China Mobile. The PRC also has a large interest in Walmart’s manufacturing division.
PRC leaders Xi Jinping & Zhou Xiaochuan are also prime share holders in IBM, Apple & HSBC. Beyond Saudi Aramco, the world’s other largest private companies are Pemex, Venezuela Petroleos, Kuwait Petronas & Sonatrach. The PRC has investments in each in return for direct oil supplies. Even the gigantic wealth of Iran National oil is connected by a PRC shipping deal. Globally “China.Inc.” is the empire where the sun never sets. In the past few years China has acquired an enormous gold reserve. The the PRC holds approximately 3 trillion of the U.S. debt. Enough to give the PRC the power to pull the purse strings of Congress. Both the Republican and the Democratic political parties are registered corporations.
Now in unison with Carlos Slim, Xi Jinping has direct control over the MexAmreiCAN technology corridor. 94% of all weapons being invented and distributed to worldwide military forces (even when they are at war with each other) come from the North American military-industrial complex. The Pentagon has central command; however, almost all weapons manufacturing is done by private contractors. Chemical, cyber & biologic systems are manufactured in Mexico & Canada. China, Canada & the USA are deeply interconnected by the IMF. The US dollar is still The World Reserve Currency but that could shift to China quickly.
Money is a printed and minted product. From ancient Sumeria to Rome, using currency for trade has been so successful that money itself was often considered more valuable than the items it was supposed to represent. As long as you control the world’s most successful form of exchange you can control a military. Few soldiers remain at post for long without pay. Therefore the PRC has invested heavily in the USA to have leverage over international military powers and large private armies like “Blackhawk” in Iran. Last month Obama proceeded with the transition of control over the Internet to the PRC. The world wide web, cyber banking & Satellite system are the invisible economic network firmly controlling $ exchange with all countries. The PRC benefits when they can afford to buy our bond funds. Clearly Xi Jinping is calling the shots with both Putin & Obama. Because he stays in the shadows of China, Xi Jinping does not have to deal with voters.
Since the PRC is the largest silent shareholder in the World Bank, Xi Jinping can use his financial control over allied forces to peacefully avoid warfare. However will he need an international distraction to depopulate North American citizens who are too difficult to sustain ??
A new Global Currency is already printed and ready for distribution. Even Capitol Hill is pushing limits to break the US dollars value. The outstanding US debt to the PRC is a house of cards that threatens the World Bank. Yesterday, Jinping called for consolidation. “There will be a new world order..” are the exact words echoed by Obama and every President before him back to Nixon. TV clips of former world leaders calling for the “New World Order” are easy to watch on YouTube. Google wants you to watch because New World Order programming is being openly marketed. We are also making great progress with RFDI micro-chips in every credit card. Over 2 million test subjects have received digital implants.
There is nothing secret about the NWO plan or Jinping’s call to collapse the US dollar and merge separate currencies into one International Monetary Fund. Rigged elections are a tiresome and expensive shell game for rulers. The NWO is the ultimate incorporation of everything under one umbrella administration. Taxes will increase because Xi Jinping knows the Chinese people will make no effort not stop him. But can he control the rest of the world’s people as easily as he does in China? Or will he need to enact a series of dramatic events including biowarfare to reduce world population? The full AGENDA 21 plan has been filed with the UN to enact world de-population. In Gastad the top 9 elite members of the Bilderburg Group voted to begin the Agenda 21 steps. A smaller population will be easier for the Illuminati to manage. The high energy rates of current worldwide consumption levels are having an impact on Atmospheric Jet Streams & Ocean acidification. Haliburton jet fuel additives that were supposed to assist with global cooling have had unexpected side effects. Haliburton manufactured fracking fluid adds to Methane escape & expanding the Southern hemisphere Ozone hole. Xi Jinping, Evelyn Rothschild, Buffet & the Bilderberg group population control plans are supposed to be completed by 2021, the USA must soon be hit by another “surprise” & financial cyber attack. Since Xi Jinping has the military capability to control 1/3 of the world’s population, he may use his Co-USA & Russian unified power to reduce the hardest to control portions of the global population. Over a 100 support documents and research papers on the bio-logic shift plan from major sources are avail. Interesting times ahead on the road to extinction.