Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lindsey Williams Raytheon Warning - US Government to Shut Down Soon

Pastor Lindsey Williams has received information from a woman who works for Raytheon who has security clearance . This woman is reported as being a liberal, and she got shaken a few days ago. She does not like us conspiracy people and has allegedly reported to her sister who shared this with Lindsey Williams. The woman states that the US Government has notified Raytheon to prepare for a US Government shutdown .The liberty oil rig has stopped drilling and won’t continue drilling until oil hits $150 a barrel. This is supposed to be happening sometime in the very near future.
John McGowan Presents former Alaskan Oil Pipeline chaplain Lindsey Williams. Mr. Williams shares the latest info on the upcoming bank holiday, the coming cashless society, the middle east wars and oil prices.

Raytheon (a major US defense contractor, including in satellites) Raytheon Who has been a part of the military industrial complex since the fifties , received a "security clearance" message from the US government, telling Raytheon to take immediate preparations for the close down of the United States government financially in the very near future. There is a possibility of the United States government shutting down financially in a very short time. BP's Liberty rig, near Gull Island, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, has stopped drilling. It is the biggest rig in the world and BP wouldn't stop drilling that mega field, over 40,000 feet down, into abiotic oil, without a serious reason. The west has taken down Mubarak in Egypt and Ghadaffi in Libya, and provoked other Arab Spring revolutions in Yemen and Tunisia, but it is having trouble removing Assad from Syria, and hasn't gotten oil prices where they want them ($150/barrel) before they start bringing in oil from that field in Alaska. So BP is holding off on drilling the last bit into that mega field until the US can get the price of oil higher with sufficient chaos in the Middle East. The last nation to be thrown into chaos in the Middle East would be Saudi Arabia.Syria has set the timetable of the elite back six months. The Liberty rig will not finish drilling into that abiotic oil strata until oil is above $150/ may take a year or three, but the elite are preparing for a New World Order cashless society. Gold will go to $3000/ounce. Get into secured assets - own your home - get out of paper assets of any kind. Obama recently warned Assad to not use chemical weapons or we might invade. This is an obvious setup, similar to the claims of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before we invaded them, to justify invading Syria, getting oil to $150/barrel and gas at the American pump to $6/gallon (it is about $3.75/gallon now, US national average.)

Who is Lindsey Williams

Pastor Lindsey Williams, who has been an ordained Baptist minister for 28 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. The Transalaska oil pipeline began its construction phase in 1974, and because of Mr. Williams' love for his country and concern for the spiritual welfare of the "pipeliners,&quot ; he volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the subsequent full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he was given access to information documented in his eye opening book, The Energy Non-Crisis.
After numerous public speaking engagements in the western states, certain government officials and concerned individuals urged Mr. Williams to put into print what he saw and heard, stating that they felt this information was vital to national security. Mr. Williams firmly believes that whoever controls energy controls the economy. Thus, The Energy Non-Crisis.

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