Monday, September 3, 2012

Chinese Army Positioned in Mexico, Poised for Takeover

Alexander Backman reports on John Moore Show on 9/2/2012 that Chinese military and equipment, in alliance with Russia, are poised to move in a coup against the American people - with the complicit and treasonous Obama administration.  Backman called the danger an Islamo-Chinese-Russian, but stated that all even more non-Christian countries were involved and that the open border position of the Obama administration was a deliberate move to allow these foreign enemies to infiltrate the United States and to position themselves and their equipment in sensitive and highly-populated cities for nuclear and biological attacks.

Backman stated that these initiatives had been in the works for over sixty years and that these enemies had been waiting for the present coup of the American government to move.  The upcoming election in which Obama is predicted to lose places Americans in a particularly vulnerable position, as Obama would pull out all the stops in order to declare martial law and suspend elections, at which time the China/Islamo/Russia troops would begin to murder Americans, seize property, and commence war with American citizens. 

The PLA - the Palestinian Liberation Army - has been taken over by Hamas and Hezbollah, which built has a tunnel system into Mexico and 120,000 Mexican citizens, including women and children, have been murdered since 2006.  Another 3,000 are missing in Mexico. Young people in Mexico are being indoctrinated into Communism and incited to riot and create social unrest, which is on the uptick.

Hutchison Port Holdings, a Chinese-based company, responsible for inspection of cargo moved into Mexico at various ports, is involved in covering up the smuggling operations for drugs, weapons, including nuclear and armaments. 

Backman went on to state that Mexico has become a national security threat to the entire North American continent and that "sleeping" citizens of the entire North American continent should awaken to the truth and take action.

He recommended the following source for further information:

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