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Nibiru Pictures for Bud

Published on 2 Jul 2012 by 
Clouds broke up and it became more visible.


See how the ChemTrail clouds are purposefully sprayed to keep people from seeing it?
The government wants to hide it so that we can go to our jobs and pay our bills without
giving us any warning about how to protect ourselves.

Published on 3 Jul 2012 by  in Wales (above shot)

Published on 7 Jul 2012 by DDSDTV Source:
filmed in Port Chester, NY.  The orb never moves.

Nibiru has seven moons and asteroids orbiting around it.  These orbs have not been identified by NASA, who is ignoring what people are seeing around the sun.  The government has an intentional blackout on information for the world's inhabitants.  They have evilly decided that we don't need to know until it is right upon which time it is too late to escape the dangers.

While Nibiru won't make direct contact, it is such huge with magnetic forces so large, that it will create a pole shift...with oceanic waters flooding into the coastlines with 300 foot tsunamis.  They plan that billions will die because of their secrecy, which is part of their plan.  The FEMA coffins are for those who will be drowned and whose bodies wash up by the millions along the new shorelines of this country.

Military has given warning to be prepared to Bug Out with only two weeks notice...and the projected date that Nibiru will be closest and cause the pole shift is September 20, 2012; however, the pole shift could happen at any time.  The New Madrid Fault is being eyed as another massive danger to life...and it runs through Eastern U.S. along the Mississippi River.  Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana with parts of Arkansas are expected to be under water.  Texas will lose several hundred miles...and flooding is expected even East of Dallas.

The government has had military sign NonDisclosure Agreements - with threats to their jobs and pensions if they ever let leak these plans to allow millions of Americans to die in the next months.  This is real.  Even more evil is that not only will we be fighting for our lives due to this nondisclosure of information and fighting to stay alive with continental plates shifting and resulting tsumanis, we will also be attempting to escape from FEMA camp grasps...where they have incinerators for Americans.  When the usurper declares martial law, which he will due to the natural disaster, we will be forced to give up or guns...or risk being charged with a crime and shot by the foreign nationals that he has infiltrated into our armed forces.  FEMA buses will be sent to all cities, with citizens who are probably hungry by then, bussed who knows what end.

If we can make it to our bug out locations, with supplies of food - to last at least two years, as Nibiru will cause the sun to shoot microwave flares at the earth, massive flooding in Texas all the way to San Antonio and up I-35 and most of East Texas - we might survive.  Expect 20 degrees in drop of temperature, hence the coats, pants, sturdy shoes, helmets if you can find them.  Because Nibiru brings nasty fireballs and asteroids in its tail to lash us with.  200 mph winds are expected with the 300 ft tsunamis.  It will happen quickly...with flooding continuing inland for several months.  While it is unknown, theorists predict that the earth will shift at least 90 degrees and some predict a 180 degree shift.  The earth's rotation will be impacted, with rotation expected to stop...and possibly to begin turning the other the direction that Nibiru turns, due to its massive magnetic forces.

But you won't hear a word about this on the news...even alternative news sites don't speak of it...because their licenses have been threatened to be pulled.  So it is only through alternative blogs where individuals share information and observations that we can share information and made good guesses about the details of these events.  Thank God for those who share with the populace information from the military.  It is confirmation about that which we already know, but have few details and projections for safe areas.

At such a time as this, it is imperative to first examine our spiritual lives, our spiritual priorities and to get right with our Creator.  It is time for one to either accept their fate of what is to come or to follow the Spirit's guidance about protecting their lives, if possible.  Either way, God's Holy Spirit gives the guidance and the unction to respond to our knowledge of what is to come.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.  Be safe all.  Godspeed.

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