Sunday, July 1, 2012

Post Pole Shift Creates New Coastal Areas in Texas

Why will Texas suffer in this regard when the rest of the world is to receive sloshing of 500-600 feet along their coasts during the hour of the pole shift? The S American Plate will crush the Caribbean during the hour of the shift, moving through this small plate to collide with the N American Plate, in essence. Where does the water in the Gulf go during this process? Of course it will pushes over Florida and along the Gulf states, who are anticipating the sloshing and 150 foot drop in elevation for Florida and the southeastern US to require them to be in the Appalachian mountains or foothills for safety. But Texas, as we have stated, is flat land, and offers no resistance to a wall of water on the move. Water will funnel there, finding resistance elsewhere. TheBalcones Escarpment which swaths across Texas in a curve is the point where the wave will break. Here the cities of Austin and San Antonio will find themselves flooded but not at a great depth. The force of water will push beyond the escarpment where ravines allow the press of water to move forward, rushing over the high plains in places.

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