Saturday, November 3, 2012

Obama, the Muslim Terrorist and America's March to the Gulag

There is no doubt that most Americans are now aware of the threat posed by a Muslim jihadist in the White House and creeping Sharia law that is now influencing our courts.  As Obama has systematically destroyed this country's economy, he as also placed radical Muslims in sensitive positions in government, assisted in having judges appointed that support Sharia law, and has aided and abetted our enemies - jihadist Muslims - in the Middle East.  It has been laid out for all who would see and take note.

As such, this country faces perhaps the greatest threat of all...the takeover by radical Muslims and the threat to not American values and culture, but to our very lives.  For no non-Muslim shall live in peace and to defy Islam is to face beheading, mutilation, and the loss of one's life.  There is no living in peace with Islam in America, as they are simply waiting and planning, setting bombs, and going about their business of setting the traps to attack America...just waiting on the directives from the clerics who foment their rage and give them their orders.

The following comments are from readers of the Ulsterman Report.  Most are highly aware and warn Americans that Obama presents the greatest threat to this country that we've ever known.  Only his ousting and running he and the radical Muslims that he has allowed into this country during his reign...out...offer us a modicum of safety as we assess the damage.

VTX 11/2/2012
Sometime during the Clinton administration, I had a very uneasy feeling – I can’t say for sure when it started. Might have even begun under HW Bush. The feeling was that there were those in the Establishment who desired our surrender. To whom, it was asked. I didn’t know; it was just a feeling of betrayal.
Frenk Herbert’s Dune series (the first three) might bave been part of it: Duke Leto’s men were all “encouraged” to adopt the planet’s religion, which was a metaphor for Islam. It’s all there – a blueprint, even though in novel form, and certainly glib, as the “Fremen” are painted as hard-but-noble. It was a point of view from a novelist who was pretentious as he was prescient (a term he used quite frequently.) Portentious or not, the books were chilling, if you considered what it might mean for us…
Do we always take science fiction books for prophecy? Sometimes they are predictive – in this case, absolutely. There’s no question that our military leaders from certain upbringings are encouraging conversion to Islam – as well as some of our Intel folks hiding at the top of the ranks. Politicians – I know some locals – who are apparently ready for the Big Surrender.
Not this time. We will never surrender to Islam – and while the Alan Graysons of the world shout blood libels against Christians, serious Christians – not the weebly-wobbly types – are all that stands between Israel (and American Jews) and the hordes of murderous Muslim thugs. Once there…once Israel is gone, the battle is everywhere, just like before, with Vichy-like Soros’ in every coffee shop and at every street corner. The battle will have begun. And the Alan Graysons of the world – and the Anthony Weiners – will have ushered in the worst battle ever fought.
I am wrong about a lot of things, but unless we see the enemy and confront the enemy and defeat the enemy…this will come to pass. Another Israel might come into being – if this one is destroyed – but another Holocaust, worse than the last one, is just a Presidency away.


  • Steve Hayes continues to connect the dots…
    Obama lies to the people. If elected he will be impeached….or the USA has ceased to exist.
    Al Qaeda not only lives but grows into a consortium across state lines of countries led and unified for terrorist purposes by the Muslim Brotherhood and with direct ties to Iran….the state that not only produces and manages terror against the USA …but that Obama has deployed a flaccid response to their nuclear ambitions and imminently armed nuclear capabilities. The pertinent question being “is Obama purposefully impotent of this impending danger or rather mounting an offense against the USA?
    Obama not only lies about Americans national security but their evaporating safety. He lied about a video insulting Islam …tagging a video trailer made in this country for the direct cause of the Al Qaeda attack…further explaining in front of the world at the United Nations that ” the future does not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Islam.” Does that appear to be a threat? Yes it does.
    This explanation defies any common America sense…it excuses Al Qaeda’s attack and warns America
    Not to dare anger Islam or be prepared to loose the future…What an outrageous statement! Who made an American president utter such words? One could only imagine those words being uttered while terrorists held a gun to the head of an American president….Since when does an American president stand up and make excuses for Al Qaeda and deliver THEIR message of threat before the UN?????
    What does Al Qaeda have on Obama???? Or does he simply represent their world view ??? That message can only be taken one way or the other …Obama is either being blackmailed to say such a thing …or he stands with Al Qaeda and Islam.
    Does the rumor that he watched Ambassador Stevens being raped in real time play into these variables.
    Frankly, there is something disturbing about the obvious and blatant lies from Obama. He will tell the most outrageous lie as he looks the American people square in the eye …daring they not accept his lies as their truth. Malignant narcissist doesn’t begin to cover the disturbing picture of our disturbed president.
    Who beyond Steve Hayes has the testicular fortitude for reporting the truth of Benghazi and the outrageous liar in our White House..


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