Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scientists Are Unable to Identify What is Real...Much Less Explain What is Going On in Our Universe

Scientists don't know what is real versus what is not real, how to interpret data that is "too little too late" at this unprecedented time in our planet's and galaxy's history.  The time for individual search for meaning in interpreting the scientific community's failure in applying what is known to its effects on the planet has come.  We can no longer wait for our newspapers, owned by six elites of the cabal, to shout from the corner newstand or from our favorite web site - that Dangerous Times Ahead.  Indeed, in the absence of reliable and credible sources, it behooves us as adults occupying space on this planet and owning the incredible power that lies within us and given us by our Creator, to find the truth for ourselves.

In light of this, I seek to share information that is new to me, the depth and scope of additional research so quickly needed by humanity, that I urge those with scientific minds to expand upon and to report to those less gifted about their findings. 

Recently, I read Pane Andov's account, his published pdf file entitled "2012 Equation Solved" at .  Unable to download this program, it was readable to me by clicking on each page and enlarging it.  Unbelievable connections were made by Mr. Andov and, for the first time, I learned about "gamma bubbles" reportedly first discovered and reported about by NASA in 2009.  These energy rays have the capacity to reach us on Dec 21, 2012, according to Mr. Andov .. at a temperature of 6000 degrees Kelvin. 

More research unveiled Douglas Finkbeiner's work and paper about this same energy field approaching earth; however, no arrival date was alluded to:

The somewhat relieving news is that the Russians expect to be around in 2013 (thanks to underground bunkers) and will be launching an exploratory satellite with eRosita to study the phenomenon.

Here is NASA's pathetic attempt to explain something they don't even understand themselves:

NASA has become a ridiculous excuse for psy ops for the American government; a black hole of disinformation from which nothing much except lies, obfuscations, and mysterious murders emanate from. 

One of the most compelling reads further explains how governments are reeling from not knowing what to expect from this energy field, yet we can see historical records being set all over the world, and are experiencing the symptoms of an impending pole shift, along with extremes from our sun and the inexplicable magnetic energy "gamma bubbles" as NASA describes them, that originated from the Galactic Center of our universe.

"The surprises that science is finding are occurring everywhere, and it seems all of them are baffling scientists. Changes are occurring, but with no understanding of what these changes may bring, scientists are at a loss to explain them…everywhereyou look, you find the words uttered,
“Something is going on that we do not understand.”
I'm no scientist.  Hell, I have never known anything about science, but I have the powers of observation.  And I know when we, collectively as the human race, have been screwed to the wall.
When government officials and the elites are raping the citizenry of the world to build for themselves unbelievably expensive and elaborate communities underground - with connecting rail sytems - we have a problem, Scottie.
Well, get ready, because you'll meet it by December 21, 2012. 

Joe Smith

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