Friday, August 31, 2012

Lame Cherry Announces DNC Speaker

the reflecting pool

Please with James Holmes the Joker, being charged with murder and attempted murder, let us not forget the really important things.

He drove a high gas mileage car and not an evil SUV.

He no doubt voted for Barack Hussein Obama and enjoyed the political rape of Sarah Palin.

As a student of higher education, his tuition helped fund all the professors who hate America and turned out B. Hussein Obama.

He helped rid the world of too many evil people as Bill Gates and the globalists want to crop a few billion.

By not shooting cops, the police union is still gaining dues from living members to donate to Barack Obama.

He lived in an apartment and was not wasting space with a high energy consuming suburban home.

He was not a homophobe in targeting gays.

He was not a racist in targeting blacks, in he shot white people.

He helped the Obama recovery by buying 15,000 dollars worth of weapons and explosives.

James Holmes did not harm any chickens like Col. Sanders in he only shot humans.

If James Holmes had done this procedure on these people while in the womb, he would have made enough for a second BMW. The survivors would have just been killed and thrown in the trash.

The Joker did not show up Eric Holder or Barack Obama in murdering more people than Fast and Furious did.

James Holmes loved the cinema of Hollywood who are Barack Obama's biggest liberal and homosexual donors.

This Obama voter did not quote Bible verses, read the Bible, like Billy Graham, go to Church, wear a cross or bother with praying.

So you must see the good things of James Holmes from the Democratic perspective. Obviously, he not being convicted will still be able to vote for Barack Obama and all democrats in the upcoming elections and if convicted, he will still probably get to vote a hundred times for B. Hussein.

Literally, one can see it now in James Holmes addressing the DNC or even sitting with Muchelle at the next State of the Union, for all the heroic things he has done.

Perhaps, even he can be a psycho ward mate with Jesse Jackson jr. who is another victim of B. Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin, for the reality that Mr. Jackson was going to be the first black President, and not Bill Clinton or foreign Chinese Barack Obama

Poor JJ, all his hopes and dreams shattered by B. Hussein, who not only stole the Jackson White House destiny, but stole the Jackson Illinois Senate seat. It should have been all Jesse Jackson jr in another 40 years as the first Democrat black US President as the Repbulicans first black US President would not have counted elected 30 years before.

Say.........was it not interesting that Jeb Bush wanted Marco Rubio to be VP and soon as Jebby said that, Rubio's plane almost crashed. That is one clever way to cover the bases in being pro latin and bbq'ing the competition for the VP spot.......

Oh well this was about the good of James Holmes and not all this other stuff in politics and crimes.

What was it about all that good about Wade Page and all that good about the Southern Policy Law Center too?

So much good news on the liberal left.

Oh that is right we have forgotten all about the Joker as other things have come along......

There is a good little puppy. Let Master Barack pet you on the head.


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