Friday, August 17, 2012

Nibiru Update

Nibiru, an entire solar system with a sun, and 7 moons and planets, dragging tails of debris and heading through our solar system once again, making its closest  path to Earth and coming between us and our Sun between August 17 and September 26, 2012, according to inside government informants - is believed to have a strong magnetic effect on our solar system and is believed to be responsible for the warming of the planets in our system, including Jupiter losing its rings.  Effects of the Nibiru system are believed to possibly include a pole shift, earthquakes, tsunamis, solar flares, and weather anomalies.  The system will bring with it fireballs and potential asteroid hits that governments more than likely wouldn't report to humanity, in light of the fact that this system's approach has been hidden from governments for over five decades that we know of.

Many believe that historical data point to the approach of the planet and can be found in such origin data as the Kolbrin Bible, Mayan heiroglyphics, Egyptian heiroglyphics, crop circles, the Christian Bible, the Koran, Edgar Cayce's predictions, and ancient seers visions and predictions. 

The U.S. government has recently been observed moving its military equipment and some of its personnel away from coastal areas and inside information by informants report that the U.S. government has stated to its continuity of government personnel that the Nibiru system is the reason for the move.  Many sources of information report that the U.S. government has known of the system, which was reported to have been discovered and reported in 1983, since the 1950s, yet hidden from the populace.  European countries such as Denmark and Russia have been more open with its citizenry and have made preparations to protect citizens by building additional underground bunkers and by informing citizens on its national media outlets.  The U.S. government is believed to have stolen trillions of dollars from Americans and have funnelled the funds into the building, maintenance, and equipping of the bunkers for the elites and continuity of government personnel only.  Many believe that the recent cabal's thieving and wreckage of the financial systems are tied to the belief by the cabal that those who are unable to find refuge in the bunkers will not survive; however, many are making preparations for the possible outcome of not only surviving, but needing to rebuild after the damage that the passage of the system inflicts on the planet.

This writer believes that the system's approach and the secrecy surrounding it is the reason that many secret societies exist and that the time of Nibiru's passage has been the most closely guarded secret.  The evil that pervades governments that has held this information from its citizenry knows no bounds and the thieving from humanity to fund the protection of the elites simply highlights the genocide and eugenics that make up the foundations of governments and the elites. 

By not informing the inhabitants of the planet, it puts at risk literally billions of lives that will be lost.  The horror of hiding this information points to demonic forces at work.

Even more horrendous than hiding this threat to humanity from citizens of the planet is the agenda of the New World Order, who is waiting until the critical timing of the worst global effects to the inhabitants of Earth, at which time they will move forward with their plans to murder over 5 billion of the Earth's humanity, unleashing nuclear bombs, invading countries, murdering at will literally millions of innocent lives in their power grabs. 

It is for humanity to appeal to God to intervene on our behalf and to protect us in this, the most horrific set of circumstances to ever face a generation.  Our God is a just God and will not allow this evil to go unpunished.

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