Monday, August 20, 2012

Russian/Chinese/Islamofascist Invasion Set for U.S.

A Department of Homeland Security inside source verified with John Moore that the United States is poised to come under a Russian/Chinese/Islamo invasion soon.  The DHS informer advised that Americans gather provisions, supplies, food, water, and ammunition in last-minute preparations.  Moore went on to advise those who live on coastal areas of the U.S. to have a solid plan in place, which would include a destination location, or "safe place," preferably away from highly-populated areas, along with access to food and water and availability of weapons for personal protection.

Moore went on to state that the Russian soldier presence in the U.S. would be portrayed as "in the best interest" of the U.S., yet their purpose for being here was to further the New World Order's agenda and carrying out an invasion of the U.S. and a takeover of our government, our society, and our constitution. 

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