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Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Get Busy Living
or Get Busy Dying

Yowusa.com, 12-August-2012
Marshall Masters


Get Busy Living or Get Busy DyingE-mails and message board posts these days are brimming with alarm. Furthermore, there is a zeitgeist amongst those in awareness. That the most difficult passage through this present time line is now imminent.

Consequently, many now sense us slipping under the dark shadows of prophetic harbingers. What to do? What to do?

With what time is left, we each need to reflect upon who we are and what each of us is prepared to do.

Awareness and the Unaware

For those of you who are in awareness, you're already tracking the solar activity. When entire blocks of cable TV channels (as opposed to a few random channels) go black for weeks at a time, you know what you're seeing. Something new and ominous.

Conversely, the unaware only see technical difficulties and little else. Given all the distractions available to us these days, it only makes sense.

Likewise, many and especially those in the sunny Western states, are oblivious as to where the car wash workers now park their cars for finishing. Unlike the days when they parked cars for finishing in sun or shade, they now park only in a shady place. In fact, they'll even halt the wash line, until a shady spot becomes available.

Meanwhile, the unaware car owners are no longer basking in the sun while waiting for their cars. Rather, they cluster with customers in the shady spots – without giving it much thought. Yet even if they do notice, they'll typically say, "how odd" and go about their business without giving it another thought.

Yes, extremes are the new normal for those, who can see without seeing. That is, until one asks a very simple question. "What is the meaning of all this?" After that, the party begins, except this time, you forget the hats and whistles and reach for the SPF 50.

What is more amazing than this, are those who remain in awareness and persistently evade anything resembling serious planning and preparation. So what is the meaning of this denial?

Awareness without Planning and Preparation

What is it about those who are in awareness but yet refuse to begin honest planning and preparation, because the universe has yet to FedEx them an unequivocal, smoking gun?

In terms of the elites, this very kind of preparation denial is vital to their survival plans. Because in a global cataclysm, the first to fall will usually be the last to know, and this time, we're playing by Titanic rules. First class gets the boats and steerage goes down with the ship.

Unless you're holding Golden Wonka tickets for the deep bunkers for you and your family, you're steerage and it's going to be a hell of a ride.

However, preparation denial should not be viewed as a weakness to be mocked. Rather, it could be a very noble mission instead. One in which preparation deniers actually incarnated into this life for a purpose other than survival. That they incarnated to be in the worst of it, so as to explain to the unaware the meaning of what has come.

This will make it easier for the unaware to go to the light. Literally, fewer lost souls trying to sort out their violent ends. Regrettably, these noble preparation deniers will perish nearly as quick as the unaware – but their mission's will be accomplished. But what about the survivors?

Preparation Opportunities for Survivors

Those in awareness and who are effectively planning and preparing are going to comprise the strongest single, surface level survivor population of humans. This is because they are surviving each day right now and already doing the smart things.

I'm delighted to say thanks to a whole new generation of Youtubers and bloggers reporting on Earth trends, solar weather and so forth, and it's never been this easy to access vital knowledge about surviving what comes. .

What I see now as compared to a decade ago simply amazes me. It is marvelous and on a stellar scale! Never has this vital information flowed so freely and in such great quantity, so let's all take heart in that.

It is why survivors have keyed in on the fact that drought-plagued farmers and ranchers are slaughtering their livestock. This means that we'll all see lower meat prices in the fall, as grain and fuel prices increase.

Many are getting an extra dehydrator, to dry inexpensive summer fruits and to lower cost jerk beef in the fall. But survivors are doing more than that.

La Palma Concerns

Those in preparation are also planning for regional threats as well. For example, survivors on the East Coast are casting a nervous eye Eastward, towards La Palma. They've been tracking the story and seeing a growing pattern of seismic and volcanic activity.

The threat seems to pulse with the magma flowing into the chambers beneath the archipelago, like a see-saw. Seismic and volcanic activity peaks causing alarm. Then the activity subsides and things seem to settle. But yet, the surges never completely back off.

It is though these forces of a cataclysmic eruption have been surging forward by a factor of four and receding backwards by a factor of three.

Despite the reassuring moments of relative calm people really like to focus on, the over trend is slowly building. This is not a good sign for those living in the Canary Islands as well as East Coast residents from Maine to the North through to Florida to the South.

If La Palma erupts and it's Western flank collapses, the unaware will only know what is coming hours before it arrives.

As they are waking up to the sirens, savvy survivors will have already bug out, while the roads are passable and supplies, fuel and lodging are readily accessible.

However, that might not be possible for survivors living in large population centers like New York City and who do not have transport.

They are likely following a survival pack strategy for surviving a Tsunami while in the city. Instead of running away from the wave, they'll plan on climbing above it in older, pre-1950's high rise buildings.

They'll know that modern steel and glass buildings will be death traps, but that older designs like the Empire State Building will be the best spots for surviving the wave.

And they'll remember to pack rubber boots, because once the waters do subside (hopefully sooner than later), walking out of the city through all the horrible muck left behind, will be easier and safer.

All-in-all, the survivors are just doing now and they're doing it quietly. It is the morons, the undecided and the panicked who are making all the hubbub on the Internet these days.

So the question then becomes, what else besides the Internet can you do to enhance your odds, because the information highway is about to experience the mother of all sink holes.

A Post Internet World

One of the first victims of a global disaster will be the Internet. At first we'll regional service interruptions, then will come broad scale, bandwidth shortages. In time, access speeds will be comparable to 56K dial-up – for everyone. And that will be on a good day.

After that, the Internet as we know it, will shut down, but reemerge in time, perhaps as some form of high-speed, mesh alternet. Whatever it is, it will be far more survivable and free.

In the meantime, there are simple things we can do keep our thumbs on the pulse of things besides the Internet. For example, Navy ships leaving the harbors, with some even being towed to sea is a key sign.

Likewise, the military moving tanks and heavy vehicles inland away from coastal installation is another. The "Katy bar the door" harbinger, will be when corporate and private jets begin crowding the Denver Airport tarmac, like bees returning to the hive.
As of late, a growing number of such movement reports are being posted to the web, but who is going to step in to anoint all of this information as 100% genuine?

Nobody can, but each of us is paying the freight, so your call and my call is my call. That brings me to the title of this article. It is a great line from one of my favorite movies The Shawshank Redemption (1994), starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.

Is There a Shawshank Redemption for Us?

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) One of the most memorable and inspiring lines in The Shawshank Redemption (1994), is delivered by the character Andy, played by Tim Robbins, in a conversation with Red, played by Morgan Freeman. Andy says:

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman

Red: I don't think you ought to be doing this to yourself, Andy. This is just shitty pipe dreams. I mean, Mexico is way the hell down there and you're in here, and that's the way it is.

Andy: Yeah, right. That's the way it is. It's down there and I'm in here. I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying.

Based on a real story, The Shawshank Redemption stands as one of the most eloquent films about hope to ever come out of Hollywood.

In it, the character Andy has to crawl through a narrow sewer pipe filled with disgusting filth, to reach his goal of freedom, and he does.

When I look ahead on our current time line, I also see humanity crawling through fields of the most hideous filth we could possibly imagine.

Like Andy, if we keep pushing on with hope, we too can see blue skies once again. A time I call the backside.

But what if we could change this time line in some small measure, to make the filth a little less disgusting? I believe we can.

Beans, Bullets and Bunkers

How can I see a positive future? Especially at this time.

It's because I've been looking to the future since my first article in this field. It was titled, Analysis of NASA Video Feed Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey on August 11, 1999,

Published on the The Millennium Group (TMG) web site on August 17, 1999, it launched present mission. But as August 17, 2012 dawns, I will doing something very different from the usual beans, bullets and bunkers of the last 12 years.

Now, I'm not thinking so much of people in the present as there are only two kinds at this point. Those in preparation and those not. Other than that, chance, instinct and pure dumb luck will rule the day. So in the final analysis, we'll each have to sort it out on our own and help where we can.

For me, my focus is the future and of those who live to see blue skies on the backside. They, not us, will be the ones determine the fate of our species. We deserve a Star Trek future and it is well within their grasp if they make the right choices.

Granted, there are no guarantees for anyone, but I do believe they will make the right decisions. We may fail but they will not because of what they are sure to experience.

Yes, they will see things they'll never want to remember. Where a good meal is one you can keep down without feeling nauseous.

But survivors will also experience the other side.

Those Who Survive This Time Line

As you think about what is ahead on this present time line, think of all the articles, interviews, books and so forth on the topics of near death, shared death and major out of body experiences.

Those who do have these experiences are forever changed in the same three ways:

  1. They lose their fear of death, which is not to say they want to die badly.
  2. They shift from materialism towards harmony. Yesterday's ruthless trader is now an organic farmer with a happy network of family restaurants serving his produce.
  3. They know what they know, and nobody can tell them otherwise.

When the term "profound" is applied to these experiences, it essentially means that they have seem themselves as they really are. Eternal beings.

In a global cataclysm claiming billions of lives, the survivors with a natural selection process called the "The Great Winnowing" by the ancient Egyptians, in The Kolbrin Bible.

The vast majority of those who survive the "The Great Winnowing" will have had at least one profound experience, if not several.

In other words, they will experience themselves as eternal beings and it will change them at the core.

What will these changes look like?

That question has tasked me and by extrapolating from what has already been documented about near death, shared death and major out of body experiences, I've come to see those who survive.

Most will be young adults and the currency of their world will be loyalty. They will be fearless, harmonious and aware. And they will make the world anew and for the better. Believe it.

Therefore, whatever we can do in the present to mitigate our own travails while supporting those who will make it to the backside, is of vital importance.

One such way is to mitigate the tribulation we are facing by shifting our destiny onto a more benign time line?

Other may choose to abandon hope in favor of uninformed cynicism, but I for one refuse abandon hope. Accepting a future of our darkest fears, is unacceptable. We must try!

Consequently, having done 12 years of beans, bullets and bunkers, my mission has changed. Now, survival is but one goal.

The other is to embrace the possibility that humanity can collectively shift our path along a more benign time line. And I am happy to say that I am not alone in this.

Using Time Management to Cheating Fate

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MedIn recent weeks, I've joined my efforts with those of Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med, to promote a time management global event based on the intention vortex concept detailed in my book, Crossing the Cusp.

We met in a way that only synchronicity could explain, and quickly found a great deal in common.

In the process, I learned that while I was a college fraternity pledge master, dreaming up an outrageous hell night gauntlet to torment my pledges with, Alfred was publishing his first catastrophism work, The Age of Cataclysm.

Although Alfred's path moved into becoming the originator of the field of Exopolitics, Alfred never lost interest in the topic of Planet X / Nibiru.

No wonder it is that we quickly found a great deal in common. In no time at all, we were like a couple of old silver backs, happily plucking the bugs so to speak.

However, it was the Intention Vortex concept in my book that launched our present series of discussions on YowRadio.com, and over the coming weeks we will be joined by other notables to include:

Past Shows

The goal of these discussions is to openly explore the feasibility of using an intention vortex event, to mitigate the catastrophic aspects of our present time line. Or to move us into a more benign time line altogether.

Assuming a long shot like this pays off, do we still need to buy beans and bullets? In this time line, the answer is yes. Just get it done.

But likewise, we must also explore any possible way to improve our situation.

Physicists tell us the basic theory is feasible, but only as a remote possibility. Aye, there's that, m but your back is up against a wall, a remote possibility is better than nothing.

If you likewise sense a need to explore these time management possibilities, please listen in. We will be taking questions from the chat room, so please join us on YowRadio.com for the full series.

In the meantime, bust the piggy bank and stock up, while your dollars still have buying power.

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