Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nibiru System Viewed from Mount Rainier WebCam August 24, 2012

The Nibiru system, or Red Dwarf Star, or Red Dwarf Binary Twin - whatever you call it, it is a complete system of its own, moving perpendicular to our system.  It contains a red dwarf star and seven planets and moons.  One of the most dangerous characteristics of the system is the tail, which contains an untold number of asteroids and junk.  This system is literally moving through our own and we will encounter potential thousands of hits from the junk in the tail.  As it moves upward through our system and comes in from the south, we will no doubt see the various planets and moons in varying locations in our skies throughout its journey. 

One of the reasons The Powers That Be (TPTB) have built underground bunkers for themselves is not only to escape from the dangers of the incoming asteroids, but also because the system itself will exert an unknown, yet potentially dangerous, magnetic pull on our sun, creating solar flares that can not only expunge our communications and power grids, but also put our planet in the path of an enormous energy surge from the sun.  This surge could be fatal to plant and animal life alike.  It is important that humanity prepare food and water storage and have a place in mind that is safe, weapons for self defense, and a plan of safety for when the time comes to enact it.

It is urgent that citizens of the world post images such as the one above and to report fireballs and asteroids that have impacted your area.  The governments of most of the planet are refusing to inform the inhabitants out of a sense of self-preservation and to preserve the peace for as long as possible; however, it is prudent for the rest of us to be armed with knowledge so that we can make our own preparations and possibly escape harm and death. 


The Nibiru system made its journey between Earth and our Sun and is now  on its way back to Orion once again in, making its closest point to the Earth as it makes it travels through and away from our system.  The period of time that it takes for this system to complete its journey until it leaves our solar system is believed to be four years.  The planet has undergone the effects of this system for at least the past two years, with unprecedented solar activity, weather anomalies, and drought.  One of the most life-threatening events that could result from the gravitational pull of the system is a pole shift, which will create tsunamis and move the oceans out of their basins.  We know that the earth has undergone such an event in the past and that continents have been formed and land masses changed; however, even scientists would not be able to predict whether this will happen or when.  What we do have is the powers of observation and the internet.  Watchers have deduced that the earth's crust is undergoing stresses and we see volcanic activity, sinkholes, and flooding that breaks all previously-known records.  We have many reports from government insiders in the U.S. that "continuity of government" personnel and military have been ordered away from our coastal areas.

The governments and officials of the planet hold their breaths, quaking in fear, as they decide when to pack and head toward the underground bunkers - while humanity is left is ignorance and danger.  Report the sudden disappearance of government officials and those who are responsible for the "continuity of government."

Because Russian troops have been placed in our military knowingly by Obama and the U.S. has purchased an unprecedented amount of ammunition, conspiracy theorists have decided that the political goons, or New World Order proponents, plan to continue their enslavement of humanity - even those who manage to survive a natural phenomenon that has, in times past, obliterated humanity - with few survivors.

It seems the time is short as the military is not able to feed a large number of soldiers for an extended period of time. 

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