Sunday, August 5, 2012

John Moore Discusses Military Evacuating Coastal Areas

John Moore begins his interview at 2:00 on the video.

Yeah, the graphic is weird...what do you expect from the old man, Dr. Deagle?

Dr. Deagle has guest John Moore, credible ex-Viet Nam vet, on his show discuss the evacuation of military from East Coast bases and one in California.  His unnamed sources verify that large equipment is being moved north to northwest and that ships have been ordered to sea.  John Moore is a respected ex-military with credible sources and has no vested interest in reporting these details, other than to warn Americans to take appropriate actions to ensure their safety, as they see fit.

After reading many disinformation shills on Godlike Productions, there were enough verifying reports to confirm Mr. Moore's reports and this reader is satsified that the military is on the move.

The reasons for the move could be based on a number of events, which point to a "perfect storm" for the Marxist to initiate Martial law. 

Asteroid incoming - unlikely due to the number of backyard astronomers who would've reported the findings of an incoming orb; however, government hackers and disinformation agents could easily take down any Youtube reports.  AD14 reported by the scientist on the show is expected to pass Earth on February 15, 2013, but only by 5,000 miles - and this could change due to Earth's gravitational effects on the asteroid.

CMEs - Coronal Mass Ejections.  Stronger CMEs from the sun indicate that Earth will experience ejections that have the capability to take out satellites and electric grids, leaving populations without power, access to food and water, and create widespread panic and civil unrest.

Nibiru - with the government's massive disinformation regarding this binary system, reports of sightings, including many Youtube visuals, point that this system is approaching.  In fact, Mr. Moore's initial report stated that his government insiders stated that they were warned of Nibiru's closest approach to Earth between August 14 on its approach and September 26, 2012, as it leaves our galaxy.  Its elliptical orbit puts the system at a southerly approach and unobservable to most Northern hemisphere inhabitants until it is upon us.  This system will create havoc on the earth's crust, with the potential to cause a pole shift, resultant tsunamis, fireballs, CMEs, and general apocalyptic events. 

The melting of the ice caps have oceanic levels increasing dramatically.  The melting on a daily basis equals what, in the past, was an annual rise.  The core of the earth is increasing in temperature and changes to weather patterns, air currents, and gravitational effects are results.

A pole shift could be the result of the gravitational effects of the Nibiru system, coupled with the weight and change of the mass of the oceans.  The effect of this is described as a "sloshing" of the oceans from its present boundaries, along with tectonic plates shifting.

The government has also been watching the Canary Islands, which have felt the effects of almost continuous earthquakes in the past months.  In the event of a massive shift of land mass into the oceans, it could produce a tsunami miles high and one that travels at the speed of sound across the Atlantic Ocean.

And last, but not least, the propped-up and fraudulent financial system is posed to be exposed, at which time banks will close and those with money in the banks will be denied access to it.  The U.S. has been the last country to be suffer the consequences of the looting that has taken place and there is discussion that the present administration will continue to prop it up until after the elections; however, others believe that moving the military into place to deal with the inevitable civil unrest of hungry people and empty grocery stores point to a reveal sooner rather than later.

Recommendation:  If you haven't begun to store water, food, cash, barter items, gas, and a way to leave populated areas, then do so immediately.  Stay out of FEMA camps.  Mouth your support for the present administration.  Be prepared to defend yourselves against marauding gangs.  Leave coastal areas if you are able.  Get your spiritual lives in order.

God speed.

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