Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New World Order Takeover Planned as Nibiru Fly-By Occurs

Clearly, the musical chairs by countries the world over in moving military equipment and soldiers to various countries will ensure that soldiers will be more likely and successful in killing the inhabitants of the world when given the order.  Google results show that all countries have been involved in taking in foreign soldiers, as well as sending soldiers to other countries in the guise of "peace-keeping success."

And as if dealing with the the threat of global annihilation weren't enough on a personal level, in that the fly-by of Nibiru and its system has the potential to unleash a pole shift, tsunamis, weather crises, nuclear disasters, and continental drifts and changes - we now see that the Devil himself in the form of the New World Order - will exploit the upheaval to move in...claiming to be of "help" to humanity, when in fact, their orders are to kill anyone who had the fortune and protection of God by surviving the passing of a phenomena - Nibiru or Planet X or Wormwood or Tsyche - of an entire binary brown or red dwarf system.  The evil is unfathomable.  So prepare yourselves, God's army, because we now face unbelievable odds.

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  1. Ha! Nibiru is going to be causing world wide caos and destruction *BUT* there's a party at the local country club and it's FREE!!! during this global crisis time! These guys are clearly dissociated with reality and feed off of each others paranoia. Give me a break.