Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Americans Are Prisoners in Their Own Backyards

Our own government is asking Americans to restrict our freedom, because the Administration refuses to enforce their own laws

 Jerry McConnell Wednesday, August 8, 2012
We Americans should be hanging our heads in shame; shame for our worthless and gutless, run and hide, Executive Branch government. Never in the 236 years of our history has there been so much absentee governing and lack of protection due solely to the feckless, irresponsible, frightened of their own shadows people in federal law enforcement and executive leadership.
We are being railroaded by a bunch of pitiful WIMPS who have neither brains nor guts, who would sell their own souls and that of their next of kin for a few paltry votes. They are stealing us blind, and playing with our tax dollars as if they were their personal entertainment money. Trips all over the planet and vacations for golf or multi tax dollar shopping excursions for the females and to hell with the costs to WE THE PEOPLE. We are nothing more than the providers (though unwilling and not getting what we paid for in taxes.)
And that goes for the entire Executive Branch Cabinet and Department appointees. I knew when Obama appointed a tax cheat to head up the Treasury Department the the parent to the Internal Revenue Service that is charged with collecting taxes FROM WE THE PEOPLE, that we were going to be in deep doo-doo. Witness the highest national debt ever in our history - and this gang still blames it all on Bush.
Imagine appointing a skulk of foxes to “protect” a coop of chickens or a Muslim Imam to be second in rank to the Pope or a Black Panthers leader as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for our military? That equals in incredulity the appointments Barack Obama has made since usurping the presidency and pulling the wool over the eyes of 52 percent of the American voters.
The American Political Action Committee, or AmeriPAC, in an online statement on Thursday, July 19, 2012, stated that our “ADMINISTRATION TELLS AMERICANS: WE WON’T PROTECT YOU”
Well in what is probably another first for this army of thieves and cutthroats, the people of this United States of America, the world’s greatest, most ingenious and resourceful civilization in history, can no longer travel to any place in their OWN COUNTRY! Mark that I am not saying to any place they would like to go in the world, but RIGHT HERE within the continental borders of the United States.
And why is this scenario being played out by our incompetent leadership now as we are barely into the second millennium of modern human existence? It is because FIFTY TWO PERCENT of this country’s voters elected a president who literally HATES America and would gladly cede it outright by Executive Order if he could to the tender mercies of the Islamic terrorists or the corrupt and unscrupulous United Nations; both America-hating entities.
AmeriPAC further states that in the southwest area of our country, Arizona in particular, “Our own government has posted signs INSIDE our own borders, warning American citizens that the area is unsafe. Our government knows and admits that ILLEGAL immigrants are conducting human trafficking, drug wars and a myriad of other ILLEGAL activities right inside our own border! Yet, instead of solving the problem and protecting us, the Administration is telling Border Agents and American citizens to RUN AND HIDE!”
In a nutshell, here is what AmeriPAC is saying: “Our own government is asking Americans to restrict our freedom, because the Administration refuses to enforce their own laws.”
And this swarm of WIMPS wants us to put them back in office for FOUR MORE YEARS! This is nothing close to Obama’s book admission “The Audacity of Hope”; this is exactly “The Ludicrousness of Hopelessness.” This disloyal and untrustworthy group of incompetents who prefer to punish Americans while rewarding criminal aliens with the tax dollars we send to the tax cheat in the Treasury Department, should not only be thrown out of office but thrown bodily into prisons.
The criminal aliens are not all Hispanics. AmeriPAC quoted that “FBI Director Robert Mueller alerted Congress that ‘there are individuals from countries with known al Qa’ida connections who are changing their Islamic surnames to Hispanic-sounding names, obtaining false Hispanic identities, learning to speak Spanish and pretending to be Hispanic immigrants.’ Our administration has this information, knows the danger, yet does NOTHING to stop the problem or protect Americans.”
What a damn shame to have all these negative actions to our great country in less than 4 years of Obama’s feeble and ineffective game playing.

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