Thursday, August 16, 2012

Russian Reports U.S. Military Coup Due to Obama's Illegal Election in 2008

Investigative Report On Russian Military TV Regarding Obama from Arizona Patriot on Vimeo.

It is no secret that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., aka Barry Soetoro, had a fake birth certificate produced and, ridiculing the American people and the American election process, posted it on the White House web site.  The birth certificate was proved to be fraudulent and a forgery, taken apart by even teenagers with technological instruction in Adobe Photoshop.

According to the Constitution of the United Sates, one must be a "natural born citizen" to qualify to run for the presidency, which means that both parents must be Americann citizens at the time of one's birth.  Obama has admitted that his father was a British national fro Kenya at the time of his birth, rendering him forever ineligible.  Both Pelosi and the Democrat National Party placed on  the ballot, knowing that Obama was ineligible as a legal candidate.  Obama has lied to the American public about not only his illegal status as a presidential candidate, but has usurped the office of the presidency, and has operated as the president with ulterior motives and unannounced agendas.  ObSoetoro has placed jihadists and extremists in his administration and Americans refer to his presidency as the cabal.  Soetoro has made decisions against protecting the sovereignty of the United States, against the Constitution, rendering nill the actions of the Congress, ruling as a dictator using Executive Order, and placing the intnational interests of the country at risk.  Clearly, the U.S. has suffered a coup by a dictator and foreigner who is determined to steal over 15 rillion from the U.S., placing the very future of the nation at risk. 


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