Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crustal Displacement Going on NOW

Crustal displacement, occurring on the earth's surface crust, happens prior to a pole shift.  Many theories are out there are to the reason for a pole shift, but one theory is that the planet suffers gravitational pulls from Nibiru, a red dwarf four times the size of the Earth, that is making its way to Earth, set to arrive at its incoming point to Earth on August 16, 2012 with its closest point on leaving our system September 26, 2012.  The effects of Nibiru have been felt for years since its arrival in our galaxy and will be felt for years. 

One of the effects of Nibiru's effects on the planet is a pole shift, which results in earthquakes, a displacement of the earth's crust as the earth literally tilts and creates new poles, sloshing the oceans out of their basins.  Preliminary effects of this displacement is seen with flooding of coastal areas, sinkholes where the earth is pulling apart, earthquakes, and weather anomalies including oceanic activity.

RadChick has been avidly watching the nuclear effects on humanity that result from the displacement.

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