Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Act of Terrorism on Americans by Obama or by Unidentified Foreign Enemies?

Unprecedented HAARP levels ... for sustained period of time ...  and a resultant superstorm ...

Is this war declared on the American people by their own government - or by a usurping fraud who illegally stole our president, i.e. WAR on the American people by an illegal regime - a coup?  Obama, who has threatened an "October surprise" for months...who ordered the movement of troops and military equipment from our East desperate, incompetent, yet fundamentally evil and would stop at literally nothing - including murder using weather manipulation - to keep control of the U.S. so that the NWO can complete its takeover of the last bastion of freedom on the planet.  Only the U.S. stands in its way of enacting its agenda on a worldwide basis.  Its goal of depopulation is simply a perk for their perverted habit of ritual sacrifice.

Or is the HAARP activity initiated by foreigners, which constitutes an act of WAR on our country?  Will it be like which we stupid Americans are left with our fingers in our ears...wondering what the hell is going we are attacked, yet are unable to identify our attackers?

You can hide behind your mommy Jarrett's skirts, Obama, and the NWO's petticoats, but you can't hide forever.  You can postpone elections, but you won't be able to circumvent the justice that is your due.

(What is HAARP?  Whoever heard of governments controlling weather?  Who has ever heard of war using weather?  Here ya go...  )

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