Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The terrorist who calls himself Obama must be stopped by American military troops.  The coup of Muslim jihadists, with Obama at the helm, have moved on to attempts to destroy the North American population through the destruction of nuclear power plants located on the East Coast using Hurricane Sandy as the catalyst.  A usurper of the office of the president, Obama, by his own admission, has a father who was a British national.  According to the Constitution of the United States, a "natural born citizen" requires that both parents of a presidential or vice-presidential candidate be U.S. citizens at the time of one's birth.  Obama has never and will never be eligible for POTUS.  As such, both he and the Democratic National Committee committed fraud against the American people by holding Obama out as an eligible candidate.  He continues to perpetrate this fraud against the American people, along with a host of other felonious acts, such as campaign funding fraud.  Obama's actions against the American people are hidden behind his "incompetence" which masks outright terrorist attacks, such as diverting American tax dollars to foreign campaign donors and to Al Qaeda, American enemies.

Confirmed by weather expert Dutch Sinse, Sandy is the product of HAARP, modern-day weather modification and geo-engineering, and is one of the threats to the United States bragged about by Obama to the United Nations.  What Americans will not accept is that Obama is a jihadist whose actions prove that he is deliberately attacking Americans using all technologies available to him.  As Dutch proves, the events preceding this hurricane were practiced last year with hurricane Irene and the mathematical chance that these events would occur twice are impossible to calculate.


Obama, whose poll numbers are being falsely reported by leftist media, has planned to pull out all stops and the attempted destruction of North America through radiation poisoning is his goal.

Americans have seen the deliberate murder of our Americans in Benghazi by Obama, who would've given the order to "stand down" rather than to initiate a rescue of Americans who were attacked by Muslim radicals.  This is in part because he is a Muslim jihadist himself, as well as has his eyes on the Caliph of the New World Order with Sharia law and Islam as the new world religion and political system.  Murdering Muslims in Benghazi would've given him too much exposure and would've put him at risk of assassination by Muslim jihadists.  As it is, he has offered up American sacrifices as he went on television and went to the United Nations with his apologies for the false video excuse for the attack.

Clearly, Obama is functioning as the New World Order chief already and is putting an entire nation at risk, along with Canada, to bring about the goals of the New World Order.  With the election only a week away, he has instructed that electric grids be kept shut down in his bid to avoid an election that he clearly will lose, to create chaos, to encourage unlawful acts by the criminal element so that he may call for martial law and avoid his ousting from the White House.

This puts Americans even more at risk nationally, as our enemies push forward and become emboldened by a crippled infrastructure and chaos in Washington.

Where are our elected representatives?  For four years, they have allowed Americans to be held hostage as Obama has decimated our economy, businesses, industries, opened our borders to terrorists and the drug cartel, and trashed our Constitution and rule of law.  Elected officials shall be ousted as cowards and treasonous to the Constitution for allowing a usurper to reign with impunity.

Americans must be prepared to protect and defend themselves at this time as our enemies have already infiltrated our borders and have positioned themselves in vulnerable spots for attack, such as power plants, dams, schools, and government offices. 

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