Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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The desperate Obama campaign has reportedly used the misery of a HAARP-induced hurricane as a campaign photo-op, traveling to a Salvation Army site and using the disaster as an opportunity to diss his opponent, Republican opponent Mitt Romney.

Interestingly, Obama is attempting to use Romney's strategy of cutting unnecessary government spending, while Obama touts FEMA as a necessary national entity - while he goes to Salvation Army, a volunteer organization that exists from the charity of this nation's people. 

FEMA owns no assets, other than millions of freeze-dried meals and enough hollow-point bullets to murder Americans with at least three shots each.  FEMA was developed in conjunction with Obama's Executive Order that gives FEMA and him the authority to seize money, property, vehicles, food, and any resources whatsoever for its management.  In other words, FEMA is a network of government employees who will seize and supposedly manage the property of American citizens.

What have you been snorting up your nose today, Obama?

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