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Japan Warns Massive Earthquake to hit near Tokyo & Fukushima

Fukushima Update 5/31/12

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Japan warns a Massive earthquake of 8.0 could strike Easto of Tokyo on the Boso Penninsula. The area has moved about 3cm per year since 1997. Thre have been no quakes for approx 300 years and now they expect they are DUE,

Meanwhile, Japan wants to RESTART the Ohi Nuclear plant with only 55 percent in favor of it. Bet your bottom dollar they will do it anyway.

Contaminated tuna with cesium 134 and cesium 137 found in bluefin tuna off of California only 5 MONTHS after the fukushima disaster... it took them THAT LONG TO TELL US. Up 10 times "normal contaminated" limits.

Radiation covered globe in 40 days after accident and cycles in peaks every 40 days. I know it is a repeat from the other day, but the announcer did a better translation for the dude this time.

Geiger counters on cell phones now available. You wonder how accurate they are because the radiation stations they have set up across japan, courtesy of TEPCO show readings Thirty percent Lower than actual measurements.

Balloons with antennae can be flown if power outages but only 1000 people can use at once.

Oh, here's a doozey. A representative of China sneeks into Japan illegally, and may or may not have spoken to Japan's Agriculture minister to procure produce - presumably radioactive.

Iran covering stuff up because they move dirt and demolish buildings.

Swimming in the ocean is going to be... well ... safer if you can swim there because they used to let you swim in the ocean with 50 bequerels of radiation, but, well, they changed their mind and say Oh, we'll make it 10 bequerels of radiation to be safe... same as your drinking water.

Warnings that more decontamination is needed because... guess what... People are Afraid. Imagine that! THey never made it into a video but the article shows power washers do decontaminate radioactive debris.

Let's see, what else do we have. Oh, here it is, The REview of the nuclear policy has been suspended because they realized that some of the people on the review board work for FOR the nuclear industry. Ta DAAAHHHHH!


then the usual headlines:

Latest Headlines:

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Stanford Publication: Were TV experts paid to say Fukushima Daiichi had a small leak when it was the largest in the world?

Japanese Professor: Where did all that plutonium contaminated water disappear to? Into the Pacific Ocean or the ground, of course — Who can comprehend the magnitude of radioactive contamination that threatens never to end?

Germany produces 50% of energy from solar during mid-day hours — 'Equivalent to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity without any radioactive waste left over'

Forbes: Radiation in California bluefin tuna may be a blessing — Lead Scientist: My first thought was this will do more for conservation of this animal than nearly anything else could
02:36 AM EST on May 31st, 2012 | 19 comments
Japan Times: Lead investigator says Tepco internal documents may be seized

CNN: Clearly the radiation has not dissipated — Cesium in seafood off California 'raises a lot of alarm bells' (VIDEO)

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Shukan Asahi: Fukushima Daini also had major damage from 3/11 — Submerged under 4 meters of water

Ex-Toshiba Nuclear Engineer: How much did fire and high temperatures at Unit 4 affect building's stability? — Tepco has never released confirmable data (VIDEO)

Japan TV: We've managed to obtain 'revealing, eye-opening testimonies' from Fukushima workers — Concern over Unit 4 is spreading — First thing I do after quake is check reactor building (VIDEO)

TV: Incredibly, it takes this long for the truth to come out about radiation in California bluefin — "So people who have been eating tuna for the last half a year have been eating cesium?"

Full California Tuna Study Now Online: Possibility of radioactive contamination raises public health concerns — Spent less than a month in waters near Japan — Turtles, sharks, birds also at risk?

Tepco Email: Possible re-criticality in Reactor No. 2

California TV: Seafood industry CEO advises "stay away from bluefin tuna" — Worry that radiation could get worse before it gets better

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Forbes: Source says radiation detected in fish oil samples

Top Cancer Doctor: Irresponsible to say cesium in California bluefin tuna is nothing to worry about — You have radioactive material in fish, which is being eaten by people (VIDEO)

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