Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fukushima...Killing the Planet

Fukushima still feeds lawmakers' concerns for West Coast
2:25 PM, Jun 3, 2012 
By Paul C. Barton
Gannett Washington Bureau  
WASHINGTON - More than 14 months after a massive earthquake ripped apart the Fukushima nuclear power complex in Japan, fears persist about how a follow-up natural disaster at the still-fragile site could impact the West Coast of the United States.
And there are also concerns about how U.S. nuclear plants would deal with a natural disaster of similar magnitude.
The alarms come from two of the Senate's most prominent Democrats -- Barbara Boxer of California and Ron Wyden of Oregon -- as well as new studies documenting how radioactivity migrated across the Pacific from the March 11, 2011 disaster to lodge in marine and plant life.
Wyden, a senior member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, still shakes his head in disbelief with what he saw during an April visit to the Fukushima site.
Spent fuel rods, containing enough radioactivity to poison millions, remain in pools of water covered only with plastic in the badly damaged Unit No. 4. If the building ever collapses, experts have warned, the rods could become exposed and the radiation leakage would be unprecedented.
We've been exposed to radiation ... yet the U.S. government is deaf and dumb to Americans and their safety.
We have continued to eat food and drink water and fail to take steps that could have afforded us a measure of protection against the radiation that we have all been exposed to....and continue to be exposed to.
Fukushima continues to spew millions of tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean...which makes its way to our West Coast and further inland by way of rain and snowfall.

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