Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why Trump Won


  May 4, 2016 ...  Oh, the whining, the crying, the pounding of chests and stomping of feet!  Want to win a modern campaign?  For starters, vet your candidate.  Don't parade a dual citizen, or naturalized citizen, or worse - a potentially non-citizen whose records have been sealed (he's such a wise and cunning little devil, right?) - and expect Americans to buy it.  We're too sophisticated.  We have access to too much information.  We read.  We research...and when we smell a rat, we've had enough progressive and globalist manipulation shoved down our throats - that we will shove it right back in your faces.

  So you lazy, so-called "Christians" whose actions betray nothing except your self-righteous and self-loving religiosity - get a grip.  There may be no rapture that rescues you from the coming economic collapse.  Your government-owned 501(c)(3) church and pastors won't feed you, house you, and stroke you when you don't have a crumb to eat.  All of your good intentions won't replace the time, resources, effort, thought, and preparation that you should've been making instead of sitting obediently in church - a targeted and imprisoned population of do-gooders - listening to preachers tell you that you were somehow faithless if you took care of yourselves and your families.  And when the progressives begin their onslaught of unending negative political ads against my candidate and the only alternative is the reptile, remember that you could've been a force for good in supporting the lion that God Himself has raised up for such a time as this.  

  A lover of America and her people, Trump has the courage and has honed the selfless ruthlessness that the fight with progressives require.  Do you honestly think that being a soft-spoken, weak, polite, and gentle candidate will defeat the complete monstrous garbage that is Hillary Clinton? 
  The globalists' ambitions are to enslave an entire country of the most diverse and talented people on the planet.  Progressives want to overrun this country with illegals who will suck the country dry of its resources and the fruits of the labor of the able-bodied - to rob future generations of a potential future for happiness and productivity.  They have every intention to murder you and yours.

  So dry up your tears and gear up.  Continue to say your prayers and repent that you judged an entire American population that didn't believe in your candidate.  Repent of your self-righteousness, your pride in being the "chosen" and accept that your role may not be the grand players on the stage as you believed it your right to be.

  Accept that Donald Trump is the chosen one of God and has the strength, will, fortitude, and ability to defeat the greatest evil this planet has ever known.    


  Don't be weak-minded.  Watch the videos in their entirety to know the level of determined corruption that we face:


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