Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mexican President Vicente Fox DID NOT Apologize and Should be Taken to the Mattresses

It's been reported that Vicente Fox, Mexican President, apologized for using a vulgarity to insult Americans and our President Trump when he said  "I'm not going to pay for that fucking wall!"

The following video shows that he says "If I offended you, then I'm sorry, but what about the other way around?"

WTF?  Has this Indian/Spanish prince been off the reservation too long?  That is no apology and the fact is that any American dollars that find themselves in the hands of the Mexican government goes into the POCKETS of the corrupt government officials.  It has always been this way and always will.

Now, their country is overrun with drug cartels who have now been handed a carte blanch to behead and mutilate any who stand in their way of running drugs to their biggest customers...Americans.


Stay in your country and fix your country.  If you are in ours, then GO HOME.  No more freebies, no bennies, no more anchor baby shit.

Get the hell out and good riddance.

BTW, Fox...try again.  Because if that's your idea of an apology...YOU SUCK AT IT.

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