Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Water shortage in Bastrop, Texas finds it way into Jade Helm Interview

Remember this headline:  
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House NDAA Bill Passed w/Amendment Formally Authorizing Gov’t To Lie To U.S. Citizens

It is self-explanatory.

There is no doubt that the military has stated that the Jade Helm "exercise" by the military - that includes foreign military troops - may go "kinetic," or live.  That means that should they determine to use live ammunition and fire on Americans, they have the right - and will - fire on Americans.

Take 40 minutes and view the entire video to realize the spin and lies that is being spewed by this military stooge - who tells us to believe him because he's been with the military (if that was indeed what he meant by touching his military badge/name tag) through several presidents. What Americans know is that those who join the military today are pledging to serve the U.N., as there is no longer - and perhaps it only existed for a brief period in our early history - a United States for America.   See 19:08 on the video.

 The stooge says that the State Department is involved, but not the DHS.  He acknowledged that the CIA is behind the exercise.  

At 21:12, the moderator reads a question that asks "If a private citizen is asked to participate and refuses, what will Jade Helm response be?"  The answer is that there wouldn't be any participation of the public in the exercise, except those who are willing.  (The State Department has advertised for people to be hired by the government to be actors, or role players, in the exercise, or so it seems.)

Jade Helm is a psychological warfare operations, which involves disinformation and preconditioning of the masses through manipulation is addressed at 23:19.  The stooge denied the exercise being a psy-op.   

"We're here to protect all people..." stated the stooge.  

He stated that participants in the exercise could be identified with "an orange type armband."
See 35:00.

The moderator/judge queried "Are you planning on knocking on any citizens' doors?"
The answer:  "No, we shouldn't have to."  The military representative went on to state that the only way that they would knock on anyone's door was to go with a law enforcement officer - and that the only reason they would knock would be to give information to citizens.  

44:00 - Could this be one of the most important reasons for the military exercises?  "With Bastrop's shortage of water..."  Through the use of geo-engineering, it is widely believed that water shortages are being engineered by the elite, who have the resources to determine who and where gets rainfall and who does not.  This scenario simply builds up awareness of the Marxist/Communist/Luciferian/gnostics' determination to engineer both food and water shortages so that martial law can be implemented, forcing a new system of government and one that topples the very foundation of all forms of government - not just that of a "democracy."  This awareness would support the idea that if this exercise doesn't play into the "go live" scenario that Americans fear - it will certainly prepare these actors to be keenly aware of those who question the status quo.


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