Sunday, May 12, 2013

Orb Seen Next to the Sun...Ison's Path

AND Today, May 12th, 2013, ISON is well on its way to the inner solar system, somewhere in between Jupiter and Mars. October 3rd, 2013: ISON makes it close approach to Mars. November 2nd, 2013: ISON intersects Earth's orbit November 11th, 2013: ISON intersects Venus' orbit November 23rd, 2013: ISON intercets Mercury's orbit November 28th-29th, 2013: ISON perihelion, slingshots around the sun December 5th, 2013: High above Mercury's orbit December 18th, 2013: High above Venus' orbit On December 30th, 2013: ISON will be North, passing above the Earth on its way out into the solar system. Should be an amazing New Years with the comet in the sky!!! January 15th, 2013: Earth intersects ISON's orbit, possibly day for dusting? ...assuming we are still alive, of course Do you think the whole world will be covered in Noctilucent Clouds from the dust from ISON? Nasa did say we were gonna be dusted from both directions... so could we possibly get world wide noctilucent clouds? what impact would that have, if any?
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