Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obama Plagiarizes Guy McPherson's "The Irreconcilable Acceptance of Near Term Extinction"

 by Joe Smith
The person using the identity of Barack Hussein Obama II, former member of the Marxist New Party of Chicago, close personal friend to Marxist and Pentagon-bomber Bill Ayers who has admitted to writing one of Obama's books about his anti-colonialist and "hate whitey" political positions, whose Islamist and pro-Muslim-Brotherhood jihadist supporter Valarie Jarrett - believed to be the acting president of the United States - acts as his political adviser, has committed plagiarism.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, Obama addressed the nation and stated the following:

 There’s no “there” there.

This quote is directly lifted by Barry from long-time extremist Global Warming advocate Guy McPherson, whose April 28, 2013 article entitled "The Irreconcilable Acceptance of Near Term Extinction" - on the website Nature Bats Last -stated that:

 "There's no there, there."

The full quote in the context of the discussion is as follows:

                There is no right or wrong way of attempting to live through what simply can’t be. It is impossible             for our individual sense of morality, to not be rife with false analogy in context to the incomparable        unprecedence now upon us. We will all be victims of either deliberate or unintended   consequence, some sooner, others slightly later, but there is no getting out of harm’s way.         There’s no there, there.

Mr. McPherson's statement is part of an extensive philosophical discussion about the imminent and inevitable extinction of all life on Planet Earth.  His position mirrors those of proponents of Global Warming, who also believe that without a global financial meltdown, the planet faces extinction due to resource depletion, the warming of the planet which is melting the Arctic ice, and a population explosion.  Many commenters on Mr. McPherson's site discuss methods and advantages of suicide, in anticipation of mankind's certain demise.  Those who disagree and hold out that mankind may somehow survive the coming and mass global starvation/extinction are disparaged as not being enlightened.  The global die-off has been labeled as Near Term Extinction, or NTE.

President Obama has exposed his position regarding global warming by supporting the carbon tax, failed "green energy" pay-offs to campaign contributors, but refusing to refer to specific scientific evidence that is supported by evidentiary data.  Mr. Obama's extreme position regarding global warming, climate change, and attempts to alleviate the effects on the American people are scant indeed. 

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that the "religion" of global warming and its biggest proponents are both Guy McPherson and Barack Obama.  Perhaps Mr. Obama is a McPherson fan?

It appears so.

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  1. Perhaps a slightly more accurate perspective to President Obama and many other persons perspective to New Term Extinction and what to do about it; among the MILINT Earth Day crowd; if you wish.

    PS Don't expect to find Guy McPherson or many of his fellow NTE friends supporting MILINT Earth Day solutions; to implement an an Ecology of Peace international jurisprudence social contract; for although Pres Obama may have quoted Guy McPherson; Guy McPherson ain't yet ready to sign up to Pres Obama and Putin's MILINT Earth day solutions for NTE...