Thursday, December 6, 2012

World Facing Crisis-Methane Breaking Free From Undersea Molten Lava, Heating Atmosphere

When governments attempt to tell you that they need you to pay more in taxes to pay for your carbon footprint because your breath and car is polluting the atmosphere and raising the earth's temperature...tell them to shove it.

New evidence confirms that methane - not carbon dioxide - is responsible for an overheating of the ionosphere and that methane originating from the earth's breaking crust - both under the oceans and on a crustal level - is responsible for trapping heat in the upper atmosphere and rendering the normal process of the cooling of the atmosphere impossible.

The effects are immediate and disastrous, with altered climates and growing seasons.  The mentally-challenged U.N. and governments are responding with even more chemical spraying of the atmosphere, further rendering our soil and atmosphere unfit for successful crop growth.  Massive starvation will ensue and the sixth die-off of both humans and animals will occur.

Chemtrails & Massive Methane Release with guest Dane Wigington – End the Lie Radio Episode 42

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