Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jenner is a Freak, a Liar - and No Woman. Cut off Your Dick and Balls...and You're Still a Man, Stupid reblogged From Ace of Spades Bruce Jenner, The World's Greatest Living Female Olympian? —Ace AllahPundit notes that if Bruce Jenner is indeed a woman, and always has been (a claim made the tranny lobby), then he in fact holds all of the world records in the various track and field events he participated in. So, is he the world's greatest living female athlete? This is not just some lame snark. The tranny lobby holds that Jenner is now a woman fully, completely. No asterisk. Well, if he is a woman, then he's the female world record holder in a slew of events. I asked a cruder form of this question: If Jenner is a woman, then straight (progressive) men about his age should be willing to date him, right? And when I say "date," I mean "make out with" and "f***." Again, the point is not to be crude. The point is to subject this absurd contention to a simple acid test: Is it actually true that Jenner is a woman, period, full stop, or is it actually true that he's a man who's had sex reassignment surgery, and may be called a "transwoman," or, if being polite, just a "woman," but a woman only in that polite, we're-not-going-to-dive-too-deeply-here superficial way that constitutes leftist "niceness"? (That is, the 'niceness" of lying for purposes of Democrat coalition solidarity.) I don't care about Jenner that much, and have avoided writing about him, but I do care about my own mind, and the freedom to think not only things that are wrong, but increasingly, things which are obviously, demonstrably true (i.e., Jenner was a man who had sex-reassignment surgery and now is a "transwoman")? That he is a man who underwent sex-reassignment surgery is not a "belief." It is not my "opinion." It is not a wrong-headed idea of which I ought to disabuse myself. It is in fact an objective fact. One that is, apparently, now joining the ranks of the thousand other True things that we are no longer permitted to say. There is a word for people who despise the truth: We typically call them liars. Our society is choking ever-more on lies we're demanded to tell, and forbiddances of truth Too Accurate For Polite Company. Again, if this is about politeness -- like if I had Jenner on the podcast, and he wanted to be called "she" -- I would go along with it. I'm not an impolite person, on a personal level. But Jenner is not addressing the nation on an individual level (that is, greeting each of us), the situation where we usually agree to polite fictions, such as pretending that you don't know your uncle is having an affair or that your grandmother keeps farting and then blaming it on the the dog. He is addressing the nation as an avatar for a political/social idea, to wit, that a transwoman is actually a woman, and that, furthermore, in his estimation, he is "the new normal," and we should just agree to the normality of all this, and also gladly agree to expand the choking number of Polite Fictions our cultural-marxist-mediated society demands by just a couple more. (That is, until the next pressure group comes demanding something.) And on that level I must reject his request. To ask someone to indulge a polite fiction in a personal context is one thing; but to ask -- or, as many other transextremists do, demand -- that one agree to a lie that someone else finds pleasing is quite another. It is obvious that "Caitlyn Jenner" is not a woman in the way "woman" is commonly meant. Whatever he is, he is free to follow his own bliss, but I must insist that my mind be left unmolested in all this exciting Social Justice Campaigning. He is free to pursue his sex reassignment surgery as long as I am free to say the simple truth that he has in fact has sex reassignment surgery. And, while we might politely indulge the idea that he is a woman, the short list of straight liberal men lining up to date this "hot woman" attests to the fact that he is not quite that. As I keep saying, the number of Polite Fictions we are demanded to endorse now outstrips the number of True Things we're allowed to say, and by a considerable number. Is there any point coming in the near future when we slow down in our Orwellian quest to outlaw truth entirely? Meanwhile, Mark Hemingway asks PolitiFact to evaluate if Jenner is indeed a woman, as some media outlets are claiming. Oh, By The Way: The world's greatest living female Olympian still has a penis. Actually, I was wrong that Jenner had the full sex reassignment surgery: He's spending that recommended year "as a woman" to see if he likes it. That's something doctors recommend, because, you know, you wouldn't want to be hasty about a decision like this. Which makes this all the stranger to me, that it is insisted we call someone with a penis a "woman." Real Courage. Bruce Jenner, an athlete who plans an elective surgical amputation, won ESPN's "Courage" Award over a war veteran who lost two limbs fighting for his country. Honestly, if you're a man, you should not be watching ESPN. Jesus God in Heaven. Posted by Ace at 05:51 PM Comments

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